Electrical Appliances That Use The Most Energy [Infographic]

Electrical Appliances That Use The Most Energy

If you have already taken steps to reduce energy consumption inside your home but aren’t seeing the savings you expected, then you may be looking in the wrong places.

If you are UK business, to lower your costs further you can also compare business electricity rates, use a business energy broker or compare energy providers online.

Although you have made an excellent start by reducing energy consumption, it’s important to understand which specific appliances take up most of your electricity usage. Once you know how to reduce their energy consumption, you will see much bigger savings on your next energy bill.

The main electricity-consuming appliances in your home are your television, fridge, tumble dryer, electric hobs, and dishwasher. These five appliances alone have a combined average annual cost of around £200 and up to 8,800 watts. As a result, you need to know what choices and changes you can make in order to cut down your costs and reduce your energy consumption.

Before buying, make sure to look for A to A+++ energy efficiency ratings. This means that right from the start, your appliance is already consuming less energy. If your appliance has an energy-saving or eco-friendly mode, then go ahead and switch that on.

For items such as your tumble dryer and dishwasher, you can save more energy by only using them when they are near-capacity. Simply removing dust build-up behind your refrigerator can reduce your energy consumption up to 6%.

In essence, saving big on your energy bill means that you need to make energy-efficient choices and ask yourself what better alternatives you can make.

These changes may be difficult in the short-run, but over time they become a good habit and the numbers dropping on your energy bill will drop right off


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