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The 10 Most Efficient Biomass Boilers (2024)

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 Efficient Biomass Boilers


If you’re looking for the most energy-efficient biomass boilers in 2024, then you’re in the right place.

Finding a new boiler can be tough, especially when you want to be eco-conscious and consider the impact of your heating on the planet.

What’s more, the UK government announced plans to ban gas boilers by 2025, so it’s best to invest in a biomass boiler sooner than later.

Lucky for you, this guide will help you discover which models are currently the most efficient, including where you can find them and their benefits.

What’s in this guide?

The Most Efficient Biomass Boilers

1. Vittoria Biomass Pellet Burner Boiler

Modern Stoves

Type: Wood pellets

Power: 19kW

Pricing: £2,199.99

Supplier: Modern Stoves

Efficiency rating: 92.1%

This biomass pellet burner can heat both your home and your hot water, and is suitable for both unvented and vented systems.

Customers can benefit from 19kW of power, which makes it suitable for one- or two-bedroom homes with one bathroom.

Not only does it have an excellent efficiency rating of 92.1%, placing it above most gas boilers, but it also has a sleek and attractive design.

✔ Eco Design 2022 (uses 6x less fuel than traditional boilers)

✔ Large ceramic glass window

✔ Programmable daily/weekly

✔ A+ energy rating

✔ 2-year warranty

2. Klover Belvedere 18 Pellet Boiler Stove

Stoves Online

Type: Wood pellets

Power: 13.9kW

Pricing: £4,255 (including VAT)

Supplier: Stoves Online

Efficiency rating: 88.2%

This boiler stove is customizable, aesthetically pleasing, and gives 13.9kW of power for heating.

This model might be best suited to a one- or two-bedroom homes with low heating needs.

In addition, there’s a wide range of colours, a double-glazed window, and stainless steel finishes.

✔ Eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme 

✔ Airwash system for self-cleaning

✔ A+ energy rating

3. La Nordica Luisella Pellet Boiler

Stoves Are Us

Type: Wood pellets

Power: 5kW

Pricing: £1,859

Supplier: Stoves Are Us

Efficiency percentage: 94.4%

Aside from its impressive 94% efficiency, this boiler has a small and sleek design, a 10-kg feed box capacity, a weekly chronothermostat, and an auto-clean checkup.

This model gives a green heating option with a low carbon footprint, increased thermal efficiency, and reduced heat loss.

✔ Eco Design 2022 (uses 6x less fuel than traditional boilers)

✔ Steel body and glass door

✔ LED Display

✔ A+ energy rating

✔ 2-year warranty

4. La Nordica Virna Idro Steel Pellet Boiler Stove

Stoves Are Us

Type: Wood pellets

Power: 15kW

Pricing: £3,999

Supplier: Stoves are Us

Efficiency percentage: 95.2%

This pellet boiler stove has over 95% efficiency percentage for a low price and a 15kW power output, which is suitable for one- or two-bedroom flats.

This type of boiler is also energy-efficient, has a compact size, and uses sustainable fuels like recycled logs.

✔ Eco Design 2022 (uses 6x less fuel than traditional boilers)

✔ Steel body and glass door

✔ Latest generation ignition system

✔ A+ energy rating

✔ 2-year warranty

5. Opus Calypso 8.3kW Wood Burning Boiler

Glowing Embers

Type: Wood

Power: 8.3kW

Pricing: £3,485 (including VAT)

Supplier: Glowing Embers

Efficiency percentage: 83.9%

This boiler features an 8.3kW power output, suitable for a one-bedroom house with low heating requirements.

It is fuelled by logs, and has a contemporary design and optional extras like air kits and carbon monoxide alarms.

✔ Cast iron and steel body

✔ High efficiency

✔ Financing available

✔ A+ energy rating

✔ 5-year warranty

6. Aduro H2 Wood Burning / Pellet Hybrid Stove

Stoves Are Us

Type: Wood pellets

Power: 7kW

Pricing: £3,859

Supplier: Stoves Are Us

Efficiency percentage: 87%

This boiler has 7kW of overall power and has an efficiency percentage of 87%. It can also be operated manually or via a smartphone or tablet.

This type of boiler is easy to control, aesthetically pleasing, and has a stainless steel or cast iron finish.

✔ 15-kg pellet container

✔ Airwash system for clean glass

✔ Steel body and cast iron door

✔ DEFRA-approved for smokeless areas

✔ 5-year warranty

7. Henley Elm Eco 4kW Pellet Stove

Stoves Are Us

Type: Wood pellets

Power: 4kW

Pricing: £1,399

Supplier: Stoves Are Us

Efficiency percentage: 91%

This boiler gives a 4kW heat output, an energy efficiency of 91%, and a modern, sleek design.

In addition, this model has a removable burner bowl and ashtray, and an enhanced thermal exchanger.

✔ 5 combustion levels and 5 ventilation speeds

✔ Made of reinforced steel

✔ Daily time settings

✔ A+ energy rating

✔ 5-year warranty

8. Woodfire CX 8 Wood Burning Boiler Stove

Stoves Are Us

Type: Wood

Power: 8kW

Pricing: £2,560

Supplier: Stoves Are Us

Efficiency percentage: 82%

This biomass boiler has an 8kW heat output and a high-efficiency rating of 82%. It’s also designed for open vents and pressurised heating.

This boiler can heat up to 8 single radiators and can be linked to an external air supply.

✔ Eco Design 2022 (uses 6x less fuel than traditional boilers)

✔ Made from reinforced steel

✔ Airwash system for self-cleaning

✔ Large glass window

✔ 1-year warranty

9. Modena 21kw Wood Burning Multi Fuel Stove With Back Boiler

Modern Stoves

Type: Wood, multi-fuel

Power: 21kW

Pricing: £1,049.99

Supplier: Modern Stoves

Efficiency percentage: 80%

This boiler is highly efficient, has low emissions, and gives 21kW of power, which can heat up a two- to three-bedroom home easily.

These types of boilers can power up to 12 radiators, and has a compact design and removable ash pan.

✔ Eco Design 2022 (uses 6x less fuel than traditional boilers)

✔ Ceramic glass window

✔ Made of rolled steel

✔ Primary and secondary air controls

✔ 2-year warranty

10. Tritan Back Boiler 15kw Contemporary Wood Burning Multi-fuel Stove

Modern Stoves

Type: Wood, multi-fuel

Power: 15kW

Pricing: £999.99

Supplier: Modern Stoves

Efficiency percentage: 80%

This multi-fuel wood burning stove also combines with a back boiler and has an 80% efficiency percentage.

This low-cost solution has a power output of 15kW, which can be fuelled by multiple sources, such as wood, pellets, and coal.

✔ Eco Design 2022 (uses 6x less fuel than traditional boilers)

✔ High-quality steel

✔ Primary and secondary air controls

✔ A energy rating

✔ 2-year warranty


What is a biomass boiler?

Instead of using gas or oil, biomass boilers utilise sustainable fuel, such as wood pellets, logs, or chips to heat your home.

This boiler offers a green energy alternative, which can be carbon-neutral.

Biomass boilers are suitable for both domestic and commercial uses; however, the way they work will vary depending on the size of the property.

How do biomass boilers work?

While biomass boilers generally work similarly, there might be a few differences to what you will need for a commercial project versus a domestic set up.


Domestic biomass boilers will typically contain internal storage for your wood pellets or chips, and then they will be fed into the main compartment to be burnt.

Your water will traditionally be stored in a buffer tank, which then distributes hot water to your central heating system and your taps.

The tank will remain at a warm temperature, resulting in a more efficient heating system.


Commercial biomass boilers will usually require a dedicated space to store your fuel, which can sometimes be an entire room.

In some commercial properties, the fuel room can be large enough only to need refilling four times a year, making it cost-effective and eco-friendly.

The fuel is automatically fed into your biomass boiler, and the gas is then used to heat your water and central heating system.

Why are biomass boilers so efficient?

There are a few factors that contribute towards how efficient a biomass boiler is, with many biomass boilers having above 90% efficiency, meaning they perform better than most gas and oil boilers.

  • The carbon dioxide which is created by the burning of biomass fuels is equal to the same amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by that plant during its lifetime. This means that as long as the trees or plants that are harvested for fuel are replanted, it is a sustainable option for customers.
  • There is a footprint created by the transport of these fuels, but if you can secure your fuel locally, it will still be less harmful to the environment than fossil fuels.
  • There is also cost-efficiency, as biomass boilers are so energy-efficient that they can help you save significantly on your energy costs.

Which boiler is right for me?

Deciding which boiler is best for you might depend on many different factors, including your budget, the space you have, and the amount of energy you need.

Combination Boiler

Combination boilers can heat both your central heating and your hot water, and they don’t require a hot water cylinder or a cold water tank as they take water from your mains and distribute it directly.

These types of boilers are often inexpensive to purchase and run, and they are suitable for households of all sizes.

✔ Compact size

✔ Affordable price

✔ Easily installed

✔ Hot water is instant

✔ Space-saving

Regular Boiler

Unlike a combination boiler, a regular boiler will require:

  • A hot water cylinder that will store all of your hot water
  • A cold water tank to save the water that your boiler uses to heat your home and taps

In addition, this type of boiler will require more space, but one of the main benefits is that you can use hot water in several locations at the same time.

✔ Cheap to install

✔ Use hot water in several places

✔ Won’t lose any pressure

✔ Stores your hot water

✔ They can work with renewable sources

System Boiler

System boilers only require a hot water tank to store your hot water, as they take the cold water directly from your mains.

This means that you can benefit from being able to use hot water in multiple locations at the same time, but you won’t need to sacrifice space to a cold water tank.

✔ Energy-efficient

✔ Cost-effective

✔ Uses hot water in numerous locations

✔ Compatible with renewable energy

✔ Suitable for medium to large homes

Oil Boiler

Oil boilers are a perfect match for your home if you live in a rural area and don’t have access to traditional gas.

These boilers are energy-efficient and can work with renewable energy sources, such as solar power. Plus, they can heat water on demand.

Some oil boilers will have an efficiency percentage of between 92% and 95%, making them even more efficient than typical biomass boilers.

✔ Energy-efficient

✔ Low running costs

✔ Suitable for homes in rural areas

✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ More efficient fuel than gas

Biomass Boiler

Biomass boilers are the most sustainable option when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability as long as more trees and plants are planted to replace those that are harvested.

You might need dedicated storage space for your fuel, although some domestic boilers have an internal compartment for storing wood chips or pellets.

✔ The most eco-friendly

✔ Highly energy-efficient

✔ Sustainable fuels

✔ Low carbon footprint

✔ Benefits from Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

What are the disadvantages of biomass boilers?

These are some disadvantages that you might want to consider before making a decision.

✗ Biomass boilers are usually more expensive to purchase.

✗ You might need an ample space for storing fuel.

✗ Manual biomass boilers need to be fed fuel.

✗ You might need to clean your biomass boiler weekly.

✗ The biomass boiler needs to be kept dry.

Where can I find biomass boilers?

Here are some of the suppliers you can consider:

  • Piping Hot Stoves
  • Stoves Online
  • Modern Stoves
  • Glowing Embers
  • Woodman Store


Biomass boilers tend to be very efficient due to their design, allowing them to convert more heat than they consume from their fuel. They are also the more sustainable option due to their organic fuel and can be cheaper to maintain in the long-run compared to traditional boilers.

Do you want to find out more about boilers and which ones might be the best fit for you?

Fill out the form at the top of the page for a bespoke quote or take a look at the guides on this site.

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