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Have you been searching for the lowest business energy prices and want to know who the best business energy broker is?

Admit it. The minute you begin to gravitate towards one business energy supplier, another one catches your eye, and you start to doubt your judgment.

You mind races with questions like, “Are there better prices in the market?” “Is my business better suited to another supplier?” and “Who can I turn to for help?”

That’s where energy brokers come in.

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Energy brokers save you from the burden of finding and comparing all the different business energy prices, tariffs, and suppliers. They use their industry expertise and contacts to find you the best deal.

As a result, you can use your time and energy to focus on running and growing your business.

But who exactly are the business energy brokers in the UK?

To find out, keep on reading for a complete summary of all the business energy brokers.

So if you’re ready, let’s get right to it.

What’s in this guide?

Top 47 Business Energy Brokers

Love Energy Savings

Love Energy Savings

  • Easy process only requiring your postcode and current energy supplier to find the best tariffs and lowest prices
  • Short processing time to find and compare the best energy suppliers in your area
  • Personally handles negotiations between your existing and new supplier
  • Prioritise simplicity and transparency with no confusing industry jargon
  • Personal account manager as your main point of contact

Love Energy Savings is a premier energy comparison website broker with direct relationships with UK energy suppliers, giving them the power to offer the best business energy tariffs available.

In fact, since their start in 2007 Love Energy has since saved over £93.2 million in energy savings for more than 11,000 homes and businesses.

What’s more, they have earned a 9.5 out of 10 rating on Trustpilot from over 6,000 reviews that praise their professionalism, simplicity, and great value deals.



  • Business utility broker and consultancy for gas, electricity, water, broadband and IT Services
  • Guarantees a hassle-free switch where you won’t even know they are there
  • Manages your business utilities accounts
  • Experience with businesses of all sizes from startups to international companies
  • Impartial and transparent services

UtilityWise is a business utility broker that works with over 40,000 customers in the UK and Europe.

The best part about them is that they work with all types of businesses, no matter what size or industry.

If you are looking for a better deal on your current business energy contracts, UtilityWise will set you up with one that matches your needs.



  • Offers a complete business utility solution from negotiating contracts to analysing your energy usage
  • Maintains long-term relationship with customers
  • Helps achieve specific business energy objectives
  • Services offered include procurement, optimisation, compliance, and metering
  • Experience with a range of sectors such as manufacturing, retail, property, and renewables

Inenco is a dedicated business utility solution provider that offers full-coverage services from energy contract procurement, all the way to energy optimisation.

As business energy experts, Inenco ensures that their clients always receive the best tariffs and that all their business energy objectives are met.

Additionally, Inenco regularly invests in research of the energy market, which enables them to offer customers unrivalled insight when making an important decision.

Inenco website

Inspired Energy


  • Business energy consultancy specialising in procurement for commercial and industrial businesses
  • Over 22,800 satisfied clients using their bespoke flexible risk managed products
  • Expert solutions from 300 Energy Professionals
  • Services include energy procurement, market analysis, audits, management, bureau services, and renewable energy products
  • Simple fee structure of either fixed fee arrangement or LOA arrangement

Firstly, Inspired Energy is one of the largest energy consultants in the UK, primarily working with large businesses in both the private and public sectors.

Plus, 18 years of experience in the energy industry has allowed Inspired Energy to confidently offer a full range of business energy services, from contract procurement to site operations.

In doing so, they become your one-stop business energy solutions provider.

Inspired Energy Website

Mitie Energy


  • Energy solutions specialist that provides end-to-end business energy solutions to reduce consumption and improve efficiency
  • Tailored energy solutions for each client
  • Smart energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions
  • A subsidiary of Mitie, a facilities management company that combines to offer additional services including strategy, operational expertise, and technical delivery
  • Experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries

Mitie Energy is an award-winning energy consultancy that provides specialist end-to-end energy solutions to companies of any size and sector.

Their client list includes large names like Sainsbury’s, NHS, and Lloyds Banking Group.

Additionally, the market research that Inspired Energy regularly performs allows them to stay on top of current energy trends.

Pulse Business Energy

Pulse Business Energy

  • Accomplished energy broker with a strong focus on employing skilled legal professionals to deliver the best buying strategies
  • Provides great-value energy contracts for multi-site businesses
  • Cheaper fees than most energy brokers in the UK
  • Offers an energy costs audit and analysis, free of charge
  • Access to the UK’s leading energy portal database

Pulse Business Energy is a leading energy broker company that consistently provides businesses with the best deals available.

Based in London, Pulse also has seven other regional offices throughout the UK that works with businesses to procure both fixed and flexible contracts.

Besides energy brokerage services, Pulse offers expert advice in energy efficiency and legislation.

Apollo Energy

Apollo Energy

  • Business utility management solutions provider, and part of the Crown Commercial Service
  • Strong focus on customer service and expert solutions
  • Offers transparent contracts and in-depth knowledge
  • Over 50 years of combined experience in the utility industry
  • Experience with a long list of sectors including manufacturing, retail, housing, and transport

Firstly, Apollo Energy is an established business utility management solutions provider that delivers a customer-focused approach to business energy.

Not only has Apollo Energy been included in the list of Crown Commercial Service Suppliers, but they also offer other useful services such as bureau services and compliance.

About utility procurement, Apollo Energy provides bespoke services for business electricity, gas, telecoms, and water.

Direct Power

Direct Power

  • Expert business energy consultants offering competitive prices
  • Inclusive services such as price comparison, professional advice, and energy audits
  • Access to a dedicated Direct Power consultant
  • Billing and contract renewal reminders to avoid unexpected price increases
  • Personable customer service

Direct Power is business energy consultants offering a straightforward approach to energy procurement and management.

They handle everything from beginning to end, negotiating the best prices and ensuring that you pay all of your bills on time.

In short, Direct Power aims to simplify your experience as much as possible to allow you to focus on running your business.

Northern Gas & Power

Northern Gas and Power

  • Dependable energy procurement, consulting, and management services provider
  • Commitment to reducing UK CO2 emissions through various green initiatives
  • Global presence and buying power
  • Welcomes all types of businesses, from multinational organisations to SMEs
  • Additional services include legal compliance, energy audits, and budget reporting

Northern Gas and Power are leading business energy consultants that provide some of the best energy solutions in the market.

They have a reputation for maintaining healthy relationships not only with clients but also with suppliers.

As a result, Northern Gas and Power can always offer cost-saving contracts and valuable services.

Green Energy Consulting

Green Energy Consulting

  • Independent business energy consultant, offering renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas contracts
  • A goal of sustainability, while saving time, energy, and money
  • Focus on social, environmental, and ethical responsibility
  • Works with businesses of all sizes

Green Energy Consulting is an independent commercial energy consultancy, providing businesses with renewable energy and sustainability.

They are part of the GEC Group, along with Switch Gas & Electric, Buy Business Water, and The Energy Hub.

What’s more, Green Energy performs regular market analysis to offer the right tailored energy solutions.

UCR Consultants

UCR Consultants

  • Independent business consultant and brokerage for utilities
  • Focuses on cost reduction
  • Offers competitive contracts through maintaining good supplier relations
  • Manages over 15,000 utility supplies for customers
  • Provides transparent and impartial service

Firstly, UCR Consultants are an independent business consultant and brokerage that offers procurement and management services in business gas and electricity.

With over a decade of industry experience, UCR Consultants are undoubtedly qualified to advise you on any business utility decisions.

Black Sheep Utilities

Black Sheep Utilities

  • One of the largest business energy consultants in the UK
  • Customer-focused comparison service to find your ideal utility contract
  • Bespoke services in business gas, electricity, water, and green energy
  • Hassle-free experience with committed customer care
  • Specialised service for both and corporate business needs

Black Sheep Utilities are an established business energy consultant that provides expert advice and excellent value energy contracts for all sizes and types of businesses.

They provide easy-to-understand services such as smooth contract transitions, quick contract renewal reminders, and simple price comparison of over 30 suppliers.

Furthermore, Black Sheep offers further analysis of your energy usage and bills to find out how you can cut down your costs even further.

Business Juice

Business Juice

  • Business energy consultants with brokerage and supplier management services
  • Dedicated relationship manager for the entirety of your contract
  • Supplier relationship managed entirely by Business Juice
  • Considers factors beyond your credit score
  • Flexible range of tariff options

Firstly, Business Juice is business energy consultants that also offer broker and supplier management services to make your utility experience as comfortable as possible.

What this means is Business Juice is involved in every step of the way, from contract negotiation to dealing with your energy account and supplier.

As a result, you can focus on your business while your energy accounts are dutifully managed by Business Juice.

LSI Energy

LSI Energy

  • Business utility solutions provider and consultancy
  • Award-winning customer service
  • A highly skilled team of industry veterans
  • Beneficial energy buying strategies for unique client needs
  • Personal and flexible service

LSI Energy is a business utility brokerage supplier that has been operating since 1994 and were one of the first companies to establish themselves in the newly deregulated utility market.

The best part is that LSI prioritises their clients’ needs, regarding competitive prices and unparalleled service.

Furthermore, you will also be able to reap the rewards of lower costs from LSI Energy’s market presence and buying power.

Power Solutions UK


  • Leading business energy consultants with thousands of clients across 10,000 sites
  • Strong working relationships with over 20 major suppliers
  • Procures best value contracts for business gas, electricity, and water
  • Tailored service to your business energy goals and requirements
  • Experience with all business sizes and sectors

Power Solutions are an independent business energy consultancy that provides cost-managing solutions to thousands of businesses in the UK.

Specifically, they offer services in energy procurement, utility solutions, and energy efficiency advice that are further tailored to your business.

What’s more, Power Solutions doesn’t discriminate between businesses about size, industry, or whether you have a single or multi-site business.



  • Independent energy brokerage and consultancy
  • Overseen more than 100,000 business energy contracts
  • Exceptional and reliable customer support
  • Offers brokerage and consulting services in business gas, electricity, and water
  • Over 96% customer retention rate

Torse is an independent energy brokerage and consultancy based in Nottingham, but operating throughout the UK.

Since 1994, Torse has maintained an excellent reputation as a professional, reliable business energy solutions provider.

Customer service is a priority, as Torse ensures that every client’s issue is heard and personally resolved.

Resolve Energy

Resolve Energy

  • Business energy broker for electricity, gas, and water
  • Promises to save over 35% on your current bills
  • Simple, straightforward procurement process
  • Dedicated staff for businesses that need more attention such as multi-site users
  • Free bill review with no obligations

Firstly, Resolve Energy is a UK-based business energy brokerage with specialised services for companies such as large corporates, multi-site businesses, and half-hourly electricity users.

Their lines are open daily until 5 pm, with a customer representative ready to answer your calls at any time.

Seeing as they are one of the best business energy brokers, Resolve has strong relationships with over 20 major suppliers and can negotiate the best contract for your business.

Business Cost Consultants

BusinessCost Consultants

  • Independent utility consultants with over 20 years of experience
  • Offers end-to-end solutions from contract negotiation and energy usage analysis
  • Does not take commissions from suppliers
  • Additional services such as utility costs audit, bill analysis, and expert advice at no extra charge
  • Relatively cheaper than other utility consultants and brokers

Business Cost Consultants are independent utility consultants based in the UK that don’t operate on commission fees as other similar companies do.

What this means is you won’t be charged a high fee to gain access to expert advice and excellent value contracts.

The best part is that BCC takes their job seriously and won’t charge any fees if they are unable to save you any money.

Utility Renewals

Utility Renewals

  • Business energy broker with strong ties to major energy suppliers in the UK
  • Focus on customer service for long-term relationships
  • Provides services in business gas, electricity and telecoms
  • Handles entire switching or renewal process for you
  • Further help for small businesses

Utility Renewals are a premier business energy broker that specialises in energy procurement and contract negotiation for business gas, electricity, and telecoms.

They have strong relationships with over ten major energy suppliers including British Gas, SSE, and Gazprom.

To make your life even more comfortable, Utility Renewals makes sure that you are aware of all the supplier terms and conditions before you enter into any contract.

Utility Helpline

Utility Helpline

  • Independent business energy brokers that work with all businesses from SMEs to large corporations
  • Tailored solutions for different types and sizes of companies
  • Working relationships with over 20 suppliers
  • Friendly, helpful customer support
  • Over ten years of experience in the utility industry

Utility Helpline is an award-winning independent business energy brokers with an impressive list of happy customers.

They promise a fair price comparison between over 70 tariffs and 20 different suppliers.

They have won multiple awards for their accounts team that has proven their consistency and reliability, time and time again.

The Energy Company

The Energy Company

  • Business energy management solutions for every utility-related issue
  • Provides gas and electricity services for a variety of businesses from sole traders to public limited companies
  • Experienced staff on hand to handle large companies with complex energy needs
  • Bespoke Ofgem-certified price comparison website
  • Relationships with over 45 energy suppliers

Firstly, The Energy Company are an independent business utility solutions provider offering brokerage and consultancy services.

They have over 70 years of combined experience and strong relationships with more than 45 of the top energy suppliers in the UK.

What this means is you can rest assured that The Energy Company will deliver the best business energy deals in the market.

TradeLink Solutions

Tradelink Solutions

  • Brokerage and consultancy energy services company based in the UK
  • Specialises in renewable energy products, but also offers non-renewable options
  • Long trading relationships and energy contacts to provide you with the best available contracts
  • Development of their own hydroelectric generating stations that produce renewable electricity
  • Tailored solutions for clients with unique requirements such as farmers and landowners

TradeLink Solutions are a commercial energy solutions company that offers a long list of products and services, including brokerage and consulting.

Operating since 1997, TradeLink Solutions has accumulated valuable industry experience and is in the perfect position to advise you on any business energy issues.

Plus as an independent energy broker, TradeLink Solutions ensure that you receive the best contracts as they aren’t motivated by factors such as commissions.

F1 Energy

F1 Energy

  • Independent business energy consultants
  • Focuses on SME businesses with bespoke tailored products
  • Provides a simple, effective, and transparent service that promises to cut costs on your current utility bills
  • Extensive facilities include contract re-negotiation, energy-efficient solutions, and personable customer support
  • A local network of seasoned business energy consultants with specific experience in all industries and sectors

F1 Energy is business energy brokers that specialise in offering solutions for small to medium businesses.

They simplify your experience by directly dealing with the energy suppliers through industry contracts that enable F1 Energy consultants to get you the best business energy deals in the market.

You’ll also love the fact they are a UK company with locally-based consultant networks who are readily available to help you find your new business energy solution.

Nationwide Energy Consultants

Nationwide Consultants Utilities

  • Business energy and water consultants with almost two decades of experience
  • Provides solutions that allows you to focus on your customers while improving your business
  • Utility management services to reduce your current energy costs
  • Offers cost-saving solutions for companies with new suppliers, contract renewals, or multiple sites
  • Works with a wide range of industries including retail, manufacturing, and hospitality

Firstly, Nationwide Energy Consultants is a family-owned business energy brokers with 17 years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals.

They do so by offering a consultant-based approach where they work to understand your business to provide the most helpful energy solutions.

What’s more, Nationwide Energy Consultants are fully equipped with the knowledge and resources to assist any business, regardless of industry or size.

JB Consultancy

JB Consultancy

  • Independent utility and telecoms consultancy specialising in cost reducing solutions
  • Long-standing relationships with significant suppliers including BT and Norweb Electricity
  • Complete personable customer support even after the sales process
  • Works with both existing or new suppliers to deliver the lowest utility prices
  • 95% savings success rate

JB Consultancy is a UK-based utility and telecoms consultancy that is committed to finding the lowest utility prices for businesses.

They are so confident that they offer a money-back guarantee where you won’t be charged if JB Consultancy is unable to find a cost-reducing solution.

Plus, JB Consultancy offers a free, no-obligation consultation process to submit your bills for analysis and see where you could begin saving costs.

Zero Trace Procurement


  • Strategic energy brokers and procurement company
  • Local offices in London and Canterbury
  • A wide range of services including auditing, procurement, brokerage, contract management, and usage reduction solutions
  • Works with businesses of all sizes
  • 98% client retention rate

Zero Trace Procurement, or ZTP, are a business energy management and procurement company that offers an extensive list of bespoke services.

Their business energy solutions are comprehensive, covering every possible aspect from portfolio audits to contract negotiations.

What’s more, the ZTP market intelligence team stay on top of energy prices and trends, which means that you’ll always receive the best information and deals.

Business Energy Direct

Business Energy Direct

  • Small business utility consultancy offering electricity, gas, telecoms, and water solutions
  • Services include contract negotiations, billing solutions, meter upgrades, and new supply installations
  • Accredited member of the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA)
  • Proven track record with delivering cost-cutting solutions
  • The UK-based customer support team

Firstly, Business Energy Direct is a small business energy consultancy based in Cardiff.

Equipped with over 20 years of industry experience, Business Energy Direct has all the right industry contacts to get you the best deal in the market.

As a bonus, they offer a no obligation consultation to review your current energy consumption and contracts.

Nationwide Utilities

Nationwide Utilities

  • Independent commercial energy consultancy and brokerage
  • Specialise in energy procurement, management, and renewables
  • Works with businesses from all industries from hospitality to manufacturing
  • End-to-end services from usage audits and analysis, to procuring the best value contracts
  • Personable customer support and tailored solutions

Nationwide Utilities are independent business energy brokers and consultants based in London.

Although they are small, their clients include both the UK and international companies of all sizes and industries united through the common goals of cost reduction and energy efficiency.

Nationwide Utilities provides a unique service through ensuring that clients receive the best energy strategy and tailored solutions.

Box Power

Box Power

  • Non-for-profit business energy brokers focused on community interest
  • Ethical energy company where profits go towards charity
  • Competitive prices with the ability to match other energy brokers
  • Specialises in energy procurement and management
  • Tier-1 supplier status means access to the best prices

Box Power is a one-of-a-kind business energy brokers, operating as a not-for-profit company that supports a wide range of charities.

Their determination to give back to the community is what differentiates Box Power from other energy consultants, through donating their profits towards philanthropic causes.

The best part is that Box Power offers some of the most competitive energy prices and contract options. As a result of being primarily motivated by their clients and community interests.

Cost Centre Services

Cost Centre Services

  • Award-winning business energy brokers
  • End-to-end services from cost reduction solutions to supplier management
  • Consistent customer support and expert advice
  • A simple 6-step process to receiving the best tariffs and information on energy efficiency solutions
  • Experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries

Firstly, Cost Centre Services are business energy consultants with over 1,800 clients from all backgrounds including SMEs, charities, and farms.

What makes them so great is their honest approach towards clients, as they prioritise transparency and open communication.

Cost Centre Services have an impressive portfolio of client testimonials that praise their cost-reduction strategies, passion, and industry knowledge.

Catalyst Commercial Services


  • Multi-disciplinary business energy consultants
  • Specialises in energy procurement, sustainability, and environmental solutions
  • Services include business energy audit, electricity, gas, water, power, reporting, and compliance
  • Professional consultants equipped with the latest market-leading research and strategies
  • Works with both private and public sector businesses

Catalyst Commercial Services are an independent business energy brokers that offer a wide range of energy-related services.

This ranges from utility procurement where they provide you with the best prices and contracts. To promoting energy sustainability through innovative technology.

Essentially whatever your business energy concerns are, Catalyst Commercial Services will have a perfect solution.

Bluemark Consultants

Bluemark Consultants

  • Specialist business energy consultancy
  • Dedicated account manager and personal customer support
  • Competitive tariffs and a wide range of contract options
  • Provides services in business energy, energy efficiency, and solar energy
  • Clients range from large manufacturers to local corner shops

Bluemark Consultants are a business energy consultancy that focuses on business gas, electricity, as well as achieving energy efficiency.

As specialists in business gas and electricity, Bluemark is thus able to provide expert solutions and tailored advice for your business.

Energy Cost Management


  • Energy & water consultancy with management and procurement services
  • Comprehensive solutions for specific business requirements such as growth accommodation
  • Independent advice on energy markets and trends
  • A hassle-free process that leaves you free to run your business
  • Live customer support

Energy Cost Management, also known as ECM, is an energy and water consultancy specialising in energy management and procurement.

With their market-leading research and technical expertise, ECM consultants can keep you updated on current energy trends.

As a bonus, their strong relationships with all the major energy suppliers ensure that you always receive the lowest energy prices for your business.

Energy Management Services


  • Independent energy consultancy and brokers
  • Client-focused approach by prioritising business objectives
  • Stable working relationships with UK energy suppliers
  • Full coverage service from same-day price reports to future forecasts
  • Members of the Utilities Intermediaries Association

Energy Management Services, or EMS for short, are independent consultants and brokers in the business electricity and gas.

Collectively, EMS has over 20 years of experience working in energy procurement. And, they can provide businesses with the best possible prices and contracts.

In addition to energy procurement, EMS also offers a variety of services including tariff analysis, bill validation, and upgrades.

Utility Savings Corporation


  • Independent utility and energy brokers offering services in business gas and electricity
  • Works with all business sizes and types
  • Free, no obligation quoting and review service
  • Protection from energy price volatility
  • Friendly customer service team based in the UK

Firstly, Utility Savings Corporation, or USC for short, is an independent business utility and energy brokers based in Norfolk.

Seeing as USC has worked alongside every type of business from SMEs to large organisations. They are highly likely to understand your business requirements and energy needs.

No matter if your goal is energy efficiency, cost reduction, or multi-site energy accommodation, USC has a solution for you.

Orchard Energy


  • Utility management consultancy operating in the UK and Ireland
  • Services offered include energy purchasing, utility services, client services, and water management
  • Complete utility management solution from finding the best supplier, to managing your energy contract on your behalf
  • Independence from suppliers allows Orchard to give unbiased advice to clients
  • Transparent and open communication

Orchard Energy, also known as Kinect Energy Group, is an independent utility management consultancy working with businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

They aim to provide a one-stop service for your business, from securing a beneficial energy contract to corresponding with your supplier.

One of the best things about Orchard is their commitment to transparency, compliance, and efficiency.

So when you work with Orchard, you’ll rest easy knowing all your affairs are in order.

Indigo Swan

Indigo Swan

  • Award-winning independent energy consultancy
  • The full-coverage range of services including energy purchasing, bill checking, price projections, and cost reduction solutions
  • The client-focused approach through delivering quality work every time
  • Tailored solutions to the needs of different businesses
  • Pure experience with a personal Client Guide to handle all your paperwork and supplier correspondence

Indigo Swan is an award-winning energy consultancy based in Norwich.

They work with all types of businesses to provide the very best service by not only securing the lowest prices. Also transforming your previous energy issues into a worry-free experience.

What’s more, Indigo Swan has consistently won multiple awards for their services such as Consultancy of the Year 2017 & 2016.

What this means is you can fully trust Indigo Swan with your energy brokers needs, no matter how simple or complex.

Inprova Energy


  • Independent energy and utility management consultancy
  • Services include energy procurement, data services, and energy management
  • Specialists in energy procurement, having acquired over £1 billion
  • Experience with multiple industries such as manufacturing, education, hospitality, and retail
  • Friendly and expert customer support

Inprova Energy is an independent energy and utility management consultancy that are also well-known specialists in procurement services.

Through their extensive experience working with businesses from a wide range of industries, Inprova has a better understanding of the energy brokers needs of different size and types of companies.

In turn, this allows them to provide perfect solutions to your energy issues.

BBA Energy

BBA Energy

  • Business energy procurement and management company
  • Works with businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large multi-site organisations
  • Strong relationships with energy distributors and suppliers throughout the UK
  • An end-to-end solution from procuring great value contracts to energy management
  • Extensive industry experience with sectors including construction, retail, and manufacturing

BBA Energy, or Business to Business Associates, is a commercial energy procurement and management company based in Bedfordshire.

Though relatively small in size, BBA Energy has over 20 years of experience. Spent gaining expert knowledge and building supplier relationships.

What’s more, each client receives a personal Key Account Manager who is readily available to deal with all your energy needs.

Direct Energy Associates

Direct Energy

  • Family-run business energy consultancy for SMEs
  • Provides business gas and electricity consultant services, as well as smart meter technology and new connections
  • Supports SMEs through lower prices, better value contracts, and industry knowledge
  • Personable, ongoing customer support
  • Over 95% client retention

Firstly, Direct Energy Associates are a family-run energy consultancy that primarily works with SMEs in the UK.

As a family-oriented company, it’s easy to see why Direct Energy is committed to helping SMEs reduce energy costs and run their businesses worry-free.

They consistently monitor live energy prices and work with major suppliers to ensure their clients always get the best deal.

Utilities Savings Limited

Utilities Savings

  • Business energy brokers with free consultations and quotes
  • Over ten years of experience in the energy industry
  • Services include gas and electricity procurement, plus energy management solutions
  • Solid reputation gives them the power to negotiate better value contracts
  • Transparent and honest communication

Utilities Savings Ltd is a business energy brokers that provides a wide range of utility solutions including energy procurement, capacity matching, usage analysis, and new connections.

With their buying power and reputation, Utilities Savings are also able to help businesses with poor credit scores obtain a fair energy contract.

Plus, they remain honest with clients through sharing information such as commission rates to build trust with businesses.

Energy Renewals

Energy Renewals


  • Independent energy consultancy offering bespoke management and efficiency solutions
  • Services include energy procurement, management, multi-site accommodation, and efficiency surveys
  • End-to-end energy management service to reduce costs
  • Bespoke monitoring platform to analyse your energy usage and improve energy efficiency
  • Claims to save up to 20% on your energy bills

Energy Renewals are independent energy consultants that specialise in energy management solutions that reduce costs and promotes better practices.

Along with their extensive experience in the energy industry, Energy Renewals keeps on top of current trends and technology changes so that their clients get the very best service.

Also, they are also fully accredited members of the Utilities Intermediaries Association and are trusted energy experts.

Utility Assist

Utility Assist

  • Independent business utility broker with services in electricity, gas, and water
  • Over ten years of experience
  • Extensive range solutions that match your energy objectives
  • A hassle-free experience that opens up time for you to focus on your business
  • Simple and reasonable management fees

Utility Assist is an independent business utility broker founded by industry veterans. With the relevant knowledge and experience to help companies to negotiate the best utility prices and contracts.

They aim to provide the smoothest energy experience by handling everything on your behalf, from supplier relations to any other issues.

Furthermore, their exceptional customer service is reflected in the fact that most of their new clients come from referrals through their happy customers.

Business Energy Store

Business Energy Store

  • Business energy consultancy and brokers
  • Specialists in corporate and SME energy solutions
  • Compares all major UK energy suppliers
  • Dedicated, trained energy consultant for your business needs
  • Free and impartial advice from friendly customer support staff

Business Energy Store is specialists in corporate and SME energy solutions for gas and electricity, and are conveniently located just 20 minutes from Gatwick.

Not only do they compare every single UK supplier to make sure you get the best contract. But Business Energy Store also has strong relationships with them which allow them to negotiate the lowest prices.

Plus, their experience enables Business Energy Store to offer tailored solutions for both large and small businesses that achieve their respective energy goals.

ESS Energy

ESS Energy

  • Independent business energy consultants with 15 years of experience
  • Business energy brokers services include contract negotiation, cost reduction, and energy management
  • Works with businesses from a long list of industries including hotel, restaurants, insurance, schools, and wholesalers
  • Long relationships with all major UK suppliers
  • Offers additional services such as bill auditing, multi-site accommodation, and energy quoting

Firstly, ESS Energy is an established business energy consultancy that provides comprehensive solutions to businesses looking for a better energy experience.

Not only do they have extensive experience in the energy industry, but ESS Energy also works with a variety of businesses from different sectors. Which gives them the relevant knowledge to understand your specific energy needs.

ESS Energy has helped thousands of clients save up to 50% on current energy bills with their energy management solutions.

Square One Utilities

Square One Utilities

  • Veteran energy consultants with over a decade of experience
  • Services in energy procurement, energy management, and water management
  • Single point of contact for any energy-related issues
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Free advice on energy and water efficiency

Square One Utilities are a team of experienced energy consultants that was founded in 2004 by former energy sector professionals.

Square One Utilities provide a unique service in that they take a transparent and ethical approach. So that every client always knows precisely what is going on with their money.

Specifically, they offer services in energy procurement, energy management, and water management where each client receives a tailored solution that matches their unique energy brokers needs.

Taurus Utility Consultants


  • Independent utility consultants and brokerage
  • Offers procurement and management services in business gas, electricity, water, and telecoms
  • Handles everything on your behalf
  • No.1 Recommended UK Energy Brokers title for the past three years
  • Free advice on energy efficiency solutions

Firstly, Taurus Utility Consultants is an independent business utility company that provides services in the procurement and management of gas, electricity, water, and telecoms.

Besides comparing all UK suppliers, Taurus goes the extra mile by looking after everything on your behalf, from contract management to supplier correspondence.

Moreover, Taurus monitors current energy prices so that you always get the best deal.

To Wrap It Up….

Finally, now that you have read through this summary of business energy brokers in the UK, it’s to begin choosing the right one for your business.

Though you may be able to do this yourself, why not make use of the easy-to-use EnergySeek comparison tool to receive the best business energy quotes?

It’s incredibly quick, easy, and most of all, completely free.

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