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Top 10 Conservatory Roof Replacement Companies 2024

Conservatory Roofs


Did you know that replacing your conservatory roof could save you potentially thousands oppose to buying a brand new conservatory?

Or, that getting a new modern roof can come with added benefits such as self-cleaning glass or solar glass to keep you protected from the suns rays?

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about conservatory roofs, including what they are and where you can find them.

Let’s take a closer look.

What’s in this guide?

Top 10 Conservatory Roof Companies

1. Warm Conservatory Roof Company

Warm Conservatory Roof Company

Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: Tapco tiled warm roof, guardian warm roof, thermally insulated ceilings

Rating: 5/5

Based in the Midlands, the Warm Conservatory Roof Company offers a range of conservatory roof solutions such as tile systems and insulated ceilings.

Many of their installations come with a 15-year guarantee, fast installation times and weather resistant materials.

They have an excellent five-star rating on Google, with customers stating that they offer excellent customer service and efficient communication throughout the process.

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2. Trade Conservatory Roofs

Trade Conservatory Roofs

Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: Tiled roof systems

Rating: 5/5

Trade Conservatory Roofs are a five-star rated company on trusted websites such as their Google page, servicing the whole of the UK with tiled roof systems on offer, as well as sky pods and lanterns.

Their roofs feature high-quality engineering, attractive aesthetics and they can even be installed within a day.

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3. Contech


Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: K2 roofs, lantern roofs, tiled roof systems

Rating: 5/5

Contech is a company who are based in Stoke on Trent and have an excellent five-star rating on trusted websites such as their Google page.

There are many options available to their customers which include tiled roof systems, lantern roofs and glass roofs for conservatories and extensions.

Some of the benefits of choosing Contech include free delivery, tailored support, 7-day lead time and offers their services throughout the Midlands.

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4. All Seasons Roof

All Seasons Roof

Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: Solid roofs, tile roof systems, polycarbonate roofs

Rating: 5/5

All Seasons Roof is a highly rated conservatory roof company who has a wide range of choices available, such as conservatory roofs in T-shapes, for Edwardian conservatories and lean-to roofs to name a few.

Their roofs can be made from glass, polycarbonate and solid roof tile systems, which are suitable for different climates and needs.

They can also provide you with bespoke conservatories, windows and doors.

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5. Roofliner


Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: Full roof kits, frames, lantern roofs, slate roofs

Rating: 5/5

Roofliner offers its customers a full range of roofing options, from complete roof kits to only structures and other choices like having your roof made of slate or toughened glass.

They have an experienced network of installers around the UK, to help you with all of your conservatory roof needs.

Many of their customers state that they found the service to be professional and the staff are helpful.

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6. Nu-Look


Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: Solid roofs, slate roofs, tiled conservatory roofs, glass roofs

Rating: 5/5

Nu-Look is a conservatory roof company who has a high rating on trusted review sites such as Google. With customers stating that they are satisfied with the quality of the service and the customer service.

They offer solid roofs for conservatories, including replacement roofing services for when you want to change the materials for your existing conservatory.

There are also multiple finance options on offer, including an affordable deposit and nothing to pay for 12 months.

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7. Projects 4 Roofing

Projects 4 Roofing

Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: Guardian roofs, roof conversions, roof tile systems, extensions

Rating: 5/5

Projects 4 Roofing is a conservatory and extension roof company which is based in the Midlands, servicing Cambridge and the surrounding towns, including Huntingdon and Ely.

On offer, Projects 4 Roofing can supply their customers with conservatory roof conversions, roof tile systems and products such as fascias and cladding.

On Google, they have many excellent reviews, with customers stating that they provide a superb roofing solution, and highly recommend the company.

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8. Solicon Conservatory Roofs


Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: Insulation, slate roofs

Rating: 5/5

Solicon is a highly rated conservatory roof company which offers both insulation and new conservatory roofs to its customers, mainly in the Midlands and the South of England.

On offer are slate roofs from Tapco, which come with a 40-year warranty and the products have been rigorously tested to BBA, ETA and CE standards.

Their customers have said that their work makes a significant difference to their conservatory. And, the customer service was useful and friendly.

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9. Specialist Conservatory Roof Systems

Specialist Conservatory Roof Systems

Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: Insulated ceilings, tiled roof systems

Rating: 5/5

Specialist Conservatory Roof Systems provide both insulated ceilings to their customers as well as tiled roof systems too.

Each of these choices come with their merits, such as the fact that tiled roof systems allow you more privacy and protect you from the sun’s harsh rays. Making it easier to watch TV or read.

This company offers high-quality products, manufacturers warranties and a referral scheme which could give you £50 for every new customer.

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10. Insullite


Type: Conservatory roof company

Offers: Tiled roof systems, garden rooms, privacy rooms, glazing

Rating: 5/5

Insullite is a conservatory roof company who also provides its customers with garden rooms and products like tile roof systems and glazing too.

Their bespoke solutions have earned them a high rating on trusted review sites such as their Google page. With their customers leaving testimonials that their service was professional and friendly.

You can benefit from high-quality roofing products which come with a 40-year guarantee and a range of colour choices.

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What are the types of conservatory roof?

Thanks to advancements in the development of conservatory roofs, there are now many different options for you to choose from; each with their advantages and disadvantages.

To decide which conservatory roof might suit you best, let’s take a look at the individual choices on offer and their benefits.


These types of roofs are made from an affordable material called ‘polycarbonate’, which is less expensive than using glass, but it is often less sturdy than glass as well.

Polycarbonate is made from layers of plastic which has a gap of trapped air in the middle, allows a lot of light into your conservatory and can sometimes last for between 15 and 20 years.

Although some polycarbonate roofs aren’t as thermally efficient as alternatives, modern developments in this material have lead to options such as blue-tinted polycarbonate material, which can reduce the sunlight by up to 7%.

This option might be the perfect choice for you if you need to stick within a budget for your conservatory.


The preferred choice for its architectural and aesthetic properties, glass is the most traditional material used for conservatory panels and their roofs.

Glass can be resistant against most British weather, it is thick and protective, and you can specify particular types of glass for your roof.

For instance, self-cleaning glass works with the sunlight to break down dirt, keeping your roof clear and your visibility at 100%.

This type of roof will be one of the most thermally efficient, as it will be insulated and retain heat in the winter. And, keep cool in the summer.

The main downside of this material is the price tag associated with glass, but many customers state that it is worth it due to the insulation and the quality of glass.

Lantern roof

Roof lanterns are often glass roofs, where the glass doesn’t reach the very edges of the roof of your conservatory.

The lantern, which is usually a rectangular shape with curved edges, sits on top of your conservatory, which allows more light into your room.

Solid tiles

There are many benefits to choosing solid tiles for your conservatory, including the fact that it will give you an increased amount of privacy, protects you from the sun and generally adds to the weather resistance of your room.

Solid tile systems tend to be well insulated and can be customised to match your needs in terms of the shape of the roof.

These types of roofs can come in a range of materials such as slate, in a variety of colours to match the style of your home.

A tile roof will likely last you approximately 50 years, which is why although it might be more expensive, it could be a hugely beneficial investment.

How much does it cost?

Replacing a conservatory roof will often cost between £2,355 and £5,570, which depends hugely on the size of your conservatory and the material that you might want to choose.

Do I need planning permission?

You can check the planning portal website to check what you might need planning permission for. You might not need planning permission to add a solid roof to your conservatory.

Replacing an existing glass or polycarbonate roof shouldn’t need planning permission either.

What is the best glass for the conservatory roof?

The best type of glass for your conservatory roof depends on a few different factors, which might include the following:

  • Whether you want privacy with frosted glass
  • If you need it to be secure and laminated
  • Should you wish to protect your room from sun rays
  • If you want self-cleaning glass which is a bit more expensive

Can you replace a conservatory roof?

Replacing a conservatory roof can be a more cost-effective alternative to replacing your conservatory in general. As it will be far less expensive in the long run.

You might also not need any planning permission so that you can sort out your new roof quickly and easily.

How long does a polycarbonate roof last?

A conservatory has a general lifespan that lasts between 10 and 20 years.

Sometimes, replacing a conservatory roof can be a more cost-effective way of repairing your conservatory. Rather than replacing the whole structure.


In conclusion, there are many different options when it comes to your conservatory roof. Including the type of roof, the materials that you can use and any additional features they have.

Are you ready to compare all of your conservatory options?

Take a look at the comparison tool at the top of the page, or you could check out the ExpertSure guides here.

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