The Ultimate Guide to an Energy Efficient Home


Energy is the driving force behind all living creatures and man-made systems. In today's fast-paced world, it is often taken for granted, misused or wasted. There is, however, a shift on the horizon. Relatively recent environmental issues coupled with the ever-growing energy demands of modern life have resulted in more and more people applying energy efficient solutions to their homes.

Energy efficiency refers to consuming less energy for the same type of task. This concept is beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, using less electricity in your home means lower utility bills. In addition, reduced usage of fossil fuels lowers the levels of smog and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Energy efficient solutions produce a healthier environment, particularly for those suffering from modern-day conditions such as asthma or allergies.

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Additional benefits of energy efficiency include conserving fossil fuels and reducing overall energy demand. An energy efficient home is comfortable and convenient, representing a smart investment and an invaluable future selling point.

This guide provides a set of clear instructions for the development of an energy efficient home. It also offers a detailed plan of financing such a project. By using comprehensible language and including step-by-step DIY instructions, it is designed for every house owner who wishes to create a more efficient home. With this information in your hands, you will improve your quality of life, increase the value of your home and become an energy efficiency expert.


1Getting Started: Home Energy Audit and Financing

  • Learn how to conduct a home energy audit and finance the creation of your energy efficient home through the UK Government's rebates and incentives.

2Renewable Energy: Generate Your Own Electricity and Heat

  • Generating your own electricity is an intelligent and eco-friendly way to develop an energy efficient home. This can be achieved through the installation of solar panels on your roof. Find out more about the use of solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy systems.

3Insulation and Draught-Proofing

  • Whether you need to manage condensation, prevent heat loss in the winter, or ventilate your home, proper insulation and draught-proofing will do the trick. Learn how to seal up air leaks in your home and properly ventilate your space.

4Space Heating and Cooling

  • Apply particular heating and cooling solutions in order to create an energy efficient home and reduce your electricity bills.

5Water Heating and Conservation

  • Discover more about efficient water heating solutions. Understand what you can do to save both water and energy in your home.


  • Lighting costs might be small compared to cooling and heating. Even so, energy efficient lighting solutions can help you save money. Learn more about different light bulbs and fixtures for indoor and outdoor use.

7Appliances and Home Electronics

  • In addition to buying Energy Star rated appliances, you can also change the way that you use your appliances.


  • For most people, cars are an extension of their homes. This section explores driving tips for conserving petrol. Learn how to select a fuel-efficient or hybrid car for your commute and leisure.

9Designing an Ultra-Efficient Home

  • Designing an ultra-efficient home involves building your house from the ground up. Discover the benefits of building with "green" techniques and add energy efficient value to every part of your new home.