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The Best 10 Budget Boilers for 2024

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Budget Boilers


If you’re looking at the prospect of a new boiler for your home, you might be starting to consider how much a new boiler will cost, which puts some homeowners off buying a new boiler.

But did you know that there are many high quality, low-cost boilers on offer?

And that with a new boiler, you could save money because of lower energy bills and less maintenance?

Yes, really.

In this guide, you’ll find out what you need to know about the top budget boilers on the market in 2024, including what they are, where you can find them and their customer reputation.

Ready? Let’s go!

What’s in this guide?

Top Budget Boilers for 2024

1. Heatline Capriz2 24kW Combination Boiler


Type: Combination Boiler

Price: £502

Supplier: PlumbNation

Trustpilot Score: 4/5

From PlumbNation, this budget Heatline Combination Boiler pack is suitable for a one or two bedroom house with one bathroom and features heating and hot water efficiency from a well-known provider of boilers.

Priced as low as £502, this option is a budget-friendly choice for many small families who can benefit from a highly rated company and top quality boilers.

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2. Vokera Vision 25S System Boiler


Type: System Boiler

Price: £649.26

Supplier: DirectHeatingSupplies

Trustpilot Score: 5/5

The Vokera Vision 25S System Boiler is a low-cost solution for homes that have medium sized properties, typically with between two and three bedrooms and one bathroom.

This boiler comes with a compact and sleek design, with a warranty of five years and a built-in seven-day digital clock, and onboard relay.

With a system boiler, you can benefit from central heating and hot water which is stored in a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard.

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3. Ideal Logic H Regular Boiler

Ideal Boilers

Type: Regular Boiler

Price: £750.32

Supplier: PlumbNation

Trustpilot Score: 4/5

This regular boiler from PlumbNation is an excellent low-cost fit for a one-bedroom flat, which comes in a pack with both flues and controller options that can be installed quickly and effectively.

PlumbNation offers its customers highly rated and top quality heating products, which are labelled according to the ErP EU directive to improve the efficiency of boilers.

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4. Alpha INTEC2 26CE Combination Boiler


Type: Combination Boiler

Price: £756.31

Supplier: DirectHeatingSupplies

Trustpilot Score: 5/5

The Alpha INTEC2 26CE Combination Boiler from DirectHeatingSupplies features a 24kW output which makes it a suitable option for a one or two bedroom home with one bathroom.

Alpha is regarded as a highly rated choice for many households and comes with many attractive features such as an LCD control panel, advanced combustion management, PCB memory chip and a compact size.

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5. Heatrae Amptec 6kw Electric Boiler

Heatrae Sadia

Type: Electric Boiler

Price: £454.76

Supplier: DirectHeatingSupplies

Trustpilot Score: 5/5

From Heatrae, the budget Amptec 6kw Electric Boiler is the perfect solution for homes or buildings which don’t have access to traditional gas mains but still need heating.

Some of the features to use this electric boiler includes the following: controllable wet central heating, for pressurised or open vent systems, compact boiler design, silent in sound, and requires little maintenance.

At just £454.76, this is a low-cost option which also has a warranty for two years.

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6. Baxi 428 28kW Combination Boiler


Type: Combination Boiler

Price: £828.99

Supplier: PlumbNation

Trustpilot Score: 4/5

This combination boiler from Baxi might cost over £800, but it’s powerful enough to be able to power a three or four bedroom house easily with up to two bathrooms, which makes it excellent value for money.

The Baxi 428 28kW Combination Boiler has a five-year warranty, compact size, easy installation and requires minimum maintenance.

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7. Ferroli Modena HE 27C Natural Gas Combination Boiler


Type: Natural Gas Combination Boiler

Price: £627.29

Supplier: PlumbNation

Trustpilot Score: 4/5

Another cost-effective solution which also puts environmental protection at the forefront is this combination boiler from Ferroli, which uses natural gas as the fuel for your heating.

This boiler is one of the most powerful for the price, which can power a three bedroom house and comes with a five-year warranty for its customers.

Ferroli boilers come with high energy efficiency, low noise output, and there are lots of accessories available online.

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8. Warmflow B-Series HE 15kW Boilerhouse Oil Boiler


Type: Oil Boiler

Price: £995.93

Supplier: PlumbNation

Trustpilot Score: 4/5

PlumbNation offers its customers a range of oil boilers, which could be a good choice for you if you need to replace an existing oil boiler.

It comes with many features which include a power output of 33kW which can power a four or five bedroom house; it has a compact design, it can work with a conventional flue and can come in a leather casing.

You can even benefit from free delivery from PlumbNation, and a 2-year warranty.

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9. Baxi EcoBlue Advance 13 Heat Regular Boiler


Type: Regular Boiler

Price: £839.45

Supplier: DirectHeatingSupplies

Trustpilot Score: 5/5

If you are more eco-conscious but still have to stick within a budget, the Baxi EcoBlue Advance regular boiler might be an excellent fit for you and your home.

This boiler comes in a compact size, it has a 13kW output which makes it the best fit for a one bedroom flat, and it also comes with a five-year warranty.

It is an A-rated rated boiler for efficiency which is why it is particularly eco-friendly, and it is compliant with all new regulations and rules.

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10. Ariston E-Combi One 30kW Combi Boiler


Type: Combination Boiler

Price: £561.49

Supplier: Screwfix

Trustpilot Score: 2/5

This budget combination boiler from Screwfix is a low-cost option which has a powerful output, suitable for three or four bedroom houses that have up to two bathrooms as well.

It features a stylish and compact design, with a smooth and high-pressure water flow rate, which has a quiet running sound and high-end features like LCD and pressure gauge.

You can benefit from a 2-year guarantee and the option to click and collect.

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What are the different types of boilers on offer?

When you are looking for a new budget boiler, you should consider all of the different options available which range in both price and energy efficiency, as well as the power output that can power homes of different sizes.

For instance, a 28kW boiler is powerful enough to be able to power a three or four bedroom house with one or two bedrooms, whereas a 13kW boiler is more appropriate for a one-bedroom flat.

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers are some of the most popular boilers in most homes, because they can heat both your home and your water, and they don’t require other equipment like hot water cylinders or tanks.

They are highly efficient and provide customers with many benefits such as high water pressure, and allows you to save on installation costs because of the simplicity.

This type of boiler is suitable for most types of homes.

Regular Boilers

Regular boilers are another type of boiler which you can find in many homes, which requires a hot water cylinder to store water for your taps and your heating system.

One of the main benefits to these types of boilers is that you can enjoy hot water instantly from any of your taps, as you won’t need to wait for the hot water to heat up.

However, one of the disadvantages is that once you run out of hot water, you need to wait for your hot water cylinder to fill up again.

System Boilers

System boilers are somewhat similar to regular boilers in that they require a hot water cylinder or tank, but they differ in that system boilers take their water from the mains.

Because they take water from the mains, you will usually find that system boilers have better water pressure than regular boilers, and you will always have access to hot water.

These type of boilers are easy to install, and they are known to be more economically friendly.

Oil boilers

Oil boilers differ from gas boilers because they use oil rather than traditional gas, which means that you need to have oil delivered and stored in a tank for use, which will usually be attached to the outside of your home.

These types of boilers are sometimes more efficient than gas and cost less to run. However, they are initially more expensive to purchase.

For instance, on average, an oil boiler will cost you around £1,000, whereas on the lower end a budget gas boiler could cost as little as £500.

Electric boilers

With electric boilers, as the name suggests it uses electricity to heat your home and your water instead of using gas or oil as fuel.

Electric boilers might be an excellent fit for you if you don’t have access to gas mains, but you should consider that electric boilers might be more expensive to run.

Some of the advantages of choosing an electric boiler are that they are easier to install, they can be energy efficient, and they have a sleek, compact design.

Natural gas boilers

With one of the cheapest running costs due to cheap fuel, natural gas boilers could be a good fit for you and your home if you want more eco-friendly gas and convenience because you don’t need to sacrifice any space for storage.

There is also less maintenance required for natural gas boilers, and they will give you stability and dependability throughout the year.

What kind of boiler is the best?

When it comes to choosing which boiler might be the best fit for you, there are many different factors which you should consider.

✔ Your budget

✔ The size of your home

✔ How often you use heating and hot water

✔ Whether you have the space for storage tanks

✔ How many bathrooms you have

✔ Whether you want powerful water pressure

✔ If you want an eco-friendly solution

How much do boilers cost?

The cost of your boiler will primarily depend on the type of boiler you choose, the size of home you have, and how powerful your boiler needs to be.

For instance, a budget combination boiler which is 24kW and can power a three bedroom house could cost as little as £500. However, a 28kW combination boiler which is suitable for a four or five bedroom house could cost £828.99.

Can I get help with financing a new boiler?

From Boiler Grants, qualifying homeowners could benefit from having a new boiler for free or heavily subsidised, with an installation service which could be for free.

To qualify for your new boiler, you need to be on certain benefits, be a homeowner and have a boiler that is more than five years old.

How long do boilers last?

Typically, a new boiler could last as long as 15 or 20 years, but this depends on whether you give your boiler annual servicing and care.

How can I make a boiler last the longest?

You can make your boiler last as long as possible by either subscribing to boiler cover, so if anything goes wrong you can get your boiler fixed instantly, or you can pay a one-off fee for annual servicing.

An annual boiler service will usually include a visual inspection of your boiler, replacement of any parts, checks for leaking and corrosion as well as tests for efficiency.

How much is an annual boiler service?

Your annual boiler service could cost as little as £80, depending on your provider and what will be included in your cover.


Have you found the top budget boilers available to you right now in 2019?

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