£90m Government Funding for 80% Reduction in Co2 Target

The UK is taking carbon emissions seriously. The government plans to inject £90 million, into reducing emissions. Both homes and businesses. Let’s think about this, how much money your business will save once this project gets underway. Over the year, your business could save large cash amounts on energy bills. Let’s have a look at what to expect from this carbon emissions project. And, how it will benefit you and your business. What to expect from the UK carbon emissions funding?…

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battery systems

Battery Systems Could Reduce Power Plant Needs

If all goes as it seems, extensive battery systems at data centers like that at Microsoft Corp. in southern Virginia in the US might eliminate the need for more power plants, especially those that rely on the “bridge” fuel natural gas.  Unlike a natural gas peaker plant, which can take minutes to dispatch and often runs on idle in order to better meet short-term spikes in demand, battery systems can dispatch power instantaneously. That makes them potentially valuable resources to help…

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