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This company with a mixed history has been owned by the Co-operative since 2016 when Ofgem appointed them to take over when GB Energy stopped trading.

While GB Energy is no longer taking new customers, their website does forward potential customers to the Co-operatives energy company.

Let’s dive in and learn more.

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GB Energy supply was founded in 2014, and by 2015 it offered amongst the cheapest tariffs on the market, finally supplying over 140,000 homes across the UK. Unfortunately, by 2016 it had gone bust, blaming rising energy prices and the inability to purchase bulk energy to access the best savings for themselves and their customers.

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Which? Recorded GB Energy’s survey results in a customer score of 61%, due to the clarity of invoices and value for money.

However, they did not receive a score for customer service or complaints handling.

Costs and Fees

It seems that before the company went bust in 2016, customers were delighted with their expenses and fees according to reviews on Trustpilot.

They cited low costs, helpful customer service and their issues were resolved in a short amount of time by friendly staff.

In October of 2016, customers of GB Energy were suddenly hit with a new pricing structure that would increase their variable tariffs by a massive 30% on average.

This would cost their 80,000 customers at the time a more massive bill, with some customers on Twitter claiming that they received an email saying they would have a 32% cost increase in only 30 days.

But it gets worse.

Unfortunately, once the company had been officially taken over by the Co-operative, there was a large amount of negative GB Energy reviews on Trustpilot as the Co-operative further raised the prices of their tariffs, matching many of the ‘big six’ energy companies, which many do not expect from a smaller company.

Note: As reported by the Independent, the Co-operative energy company has raised their tariffs by a further 5.2% on average in 2018.

Co-op tariff types and average costs for a three bedroom home

Tariff Name Direct Debit Telephone Support Pay on receipt of the bill Single fuel option Price per year Price per month
Co-op Fixed November 19 £1216 £101
Co-op Fixed November 19 Paper Bill £1216 £101
Co-op Fixed November 19 PORB £1279 £106
Co-op Fixed November 19 PORB Paper Bill £1279 £106
Co-op Green and Cosy July 2020 £1288 £107
Co-op Green and Cosy July 2020 Paper Billing £1288 £107
Co-op Green and Cosy July 2020 PORB £1351 £122
Co-op Green and Cosy July 2020 PORB Paper Billing £1351 £122
Green Pioneer £1392 £116
Co-op Fixed Green Energy Nov 19 £1412 £117
Co-op Fixed Green Energy Nov 19 Paper Bill £1412 £117
Green Pioneer Quarterly Billing £1455 £121
Co-op Fixed Green Energy Nov 19 PORB £1475 £122
Co-op Fixed Green Energy Nov 19 PORB Paper Bill £1475 £122

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Customer Support

Positive Customer Support GB Energy Reviews:

Saira on Trustpilot:

Although I was calling to complaining it was handled very capably by Corey. He solved my issue without any problems and made the call a lot less painful than I thought it would be. If the situation were done correctly in the first place I would not have had to ring up but the company is lucky to have a helpful customer service agent otherwise this would not have gone done well at all.

Negative Customer Support GB Energy Reviews:

Shelley on Trustpilot:

If I could give no stars, then I would. Customer service is very poor. Customers are an inconvenience to the staff here. Roll on September when my contract ends, and I will be free to go to an energy provider who values their customers.

GB Energy Reviews

Unfortunately, with an overall Trustpilot score of 1-star, GB Energy does not have a positive customer reputation, which has seemingly been due to the fact the Co-operative takeover in 2016, as previous to that customers seemed satisfied with GB Energy overall.

Many of the negative reviews are based on poor customer service, unexpected bills and many cases of overcharging.

Positive GB Energy Reviews

Carol Ainsworth on Trustpilot:

Over the last few months, l have spoken to some people, including a manager. Everyone has been very helpful, knowledgeable and a joy to deal with. I’ve only dealt with them to close my account, as l had found a cheaper supplier. Unfortunately, my cheaper suppliers do not have the excellent customer service skills of GB Energy part of Co-Operative Ltd, Warwick Technology Park.

Negative GB Energy Reviews

David Irving on Trustpilot:

As other people on this site have stated, IF I COULD GIVE THEM ZERO STARS I WOULD! I am a landlord & my previous tenant choose this company. They overcharged me dramatically for the period between tenants. Demanding things like tenancy agreement copies with dated etc. and ten ignoring my once I provided them. They would not speak to me saying it was in the hands of their debt collector. The debt collector was more understanding and accommodating than GB energy.

Martyn Blackford on Trustpilot:

Deducted another £44 from my account the day after it’s been closed. You also have to ask them for any refunds on accounts in credit. Avoid them!

Company Comparison

As GB Energy is no longer taking on new customers, you will become a Co-operative customer.

Company Bulb So Energy Affect Co-operative Energy
Overall Trustpilot Score ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Discounts No No £15.75 per fuel per year No
The average cost for dual fuel three bedrooms home £82 £78 £90.00 £101
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 92% Positive 86% Positive 86% Positive 26% Positive

Remember to always compare prices before you decide on the right energy supplier for you.

Who Should Use the Company?

As GB Energy is more of a brand than an active company, the Co-operative has taken over GB Energy’s customers.


GB Energy Review
  • Price
  • Customer support
  • Range of services


If GB Energy (now a part of the co-operative) could get back to the lower rates that GB Energy customers enjoyed before the company went under then this company would definitely rate higher for price. Although there is usually an adjustment period when a company is taken over by another, which can account for many of the bad reviews, it is still important to take these points into consideration before deciding to switch.


  • They use 5% more renewable energy than the UK average
  • Submit meter readings online
  • Utility Week winner of Customer Care award 2017


  • Poor customer reputation
  • GB Energy is no longer taking new customers
  • Customers have experienced price increases



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