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What’s in this review?


Thinking of switching to one of the ‘big six’ energy companies for your business energy?

This guide will give you a good idea of the quotes you can expect from Scottish Power, what you will need, some reviews of the company from trusted websites such as Trustpilot and a comparison with similar energy companies.

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A company with a rich and vast history, Scottish Power initially began as ‘Clyde Valley Electrical Power’ in 1901, and was one of the earliest energy companies in the entire United Kingdom.

Through various mergers and name changes, we now know the company as Scottish Power, one of the top ‘big six’ energy companies in the market today.

According to their website, they provide over 5 million households and businesses across the UK and claim to bring you competitive tariffs and products.

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Costs and Fees

Scottish Power offers a wide range of tariffs with different benefits and terms, see the table below for a ballpark average of the type of Scottish Power quotes you can expect from switching.

Tariff Name Gas Annually Electricity Annually Total Annual
Online Fixed Saver August 2019 £539.29 £600 £1,139.57
Online Fixed Price Energy August 2019 £544.40 £611.26 £1,155.66
Online Fix and Save August 2019 £551.47 £607.57 £1,159.04
Help Beat Cancer Fixed Saver August 2020 £557.26 £618.25 £1,175.51
Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy August 2020 £562.38 £629.24 £1,191.61
Help Beat Cancer Fix and Save Energy August 2020 £569.45 £625.24 £1,194.99
SMART Green Electric Vehicle August 2020 £569.45 £625.24 £1,194.99
Standard N/A N/A £1,210.58

How to get Scottish Power quotes

To get a quote from Scottish Power, you will need this information ready.

  • Your postcode
  • Your address

If the tariffs that you are offered don’t seem like they fit your usage, you can then opt to have a personalised quote. For this you will need:

  • How many bedrooms your home has
  • How many people live there
  • Your property type
  • Whether you are an ‘economy seven’ customer

Core services & offering

As well as offering an extensive range of tariffs (see contract length and fees), Scottish Power also provides some other services for their customers.


From £8.75 per month, Scottish Power offers all year round boiler care in case something goes wrong through their partner Domestic & General.

This usually means that they will come out and test your boiler sometime between April and September, to ensure that you will not have any issues during the critical winter months.

Boiler plans & Scottish Power quotes

Boiler Annual Service Plan Boiler & Service Care Boiler, Radiator & Service Care
✔Annual Boiler Service ✔Annual Boiler Service ✔Annual Boiler Service
✔Gas Safe Service Engineers ✔Gas Safe Service Engineers ✔Gas Safe Service Engineers
✘No Call out Fees ✔No Call Out Fees ✔No Call Out Fees
✘Replacement Boiler (If Required) ✔Replacement Boiler (If Required) ✔Replacement Boiler (If Required)
✘Boiler Repairs ✔Boiler Repairs ✔Boiler Repairs
✘Central Heating Repairs ✘Central Heating Repairs ✔Central Heating Repairs
From £8.75 a month From £8.75 a month (60% off the first six months) From £9.75 a month

Smart Meters:

You may have already heard a lot about Smart Meters, but for Scottish Power customers, this translates into a few main benefits.

  • Save yourself £ by monitoring your free in-home display
  • Automatic meter readings, which means no more estimated bills
  • Help you track your energy usage
  • Installation at no extra cost

Electric Vehicles:

Do you have an electric vehicle? While in the past electric cars were a thing of the future, now it can be economically and ecologically preferable to have a car that runs on electricity.

According to Scottish Power, electric vehicle drivers could save up to £170 for every 1,000 miles they drive against their petrol counterparts.

Scottish Power offers their customers an electric vehicle tariff which uses 100% renewable energies, so if you charge your vehicle at home or have a high consumption of electricity, that might be the best tariff for you.

Supporting Cancer Research:

Scottish Power has a close relationship with Cancer Research UK, has raised a massive £15 million for the charity, and offers many different ways that their customers can support their campaigns.

This includes:

  • Employee fundraising
  • Choosing a ‘help to beat cancer’ tariff
  • Sponsorship of Cancer Research UK fundraisers and campaigns

To see Scottish Power’s history with Cancer Research UK, click here.

Customer Support

With an overall Trustpilot rating of 1/5 stars, 95% of the reviews on Trustpilot fall within the negative category, with many reports stating that they have had to wait for a long time to get through to customer support.

Or, that it has taken a while to get an issue resolved which can be expected to a certain degree from large companies like Scottish Power.

Positive Scottish Power Customer Support Reviews:

Zaneta Qureshi on Trustpilot:

Scottish Power has been outstanding. I can’t rate them highly enough. I would recommend them to anybody who’s looking for a reliable service I have had troubles with my gas meter and rang customer service within 40 minutes of ringing them they had an engineer out to change my meter at 11.45pm which I was extremely surprised at what they have done for me, not only they came to fix the problem in the middle of the night but they also rang me the next morning just to make sure I was alright now that’s what I call amazing customer service. I’m so glad I have chosen Scottish Power I have been with them for 11 years and would never change my supplier.

Negative Scottish Power Customer Support Reviews:

Jay on Trustpilot:

If I could give 0 stars, I would. First, they mis-sell you the product. Then when you have an emergency, they refuse to cover. After you get bounced between Scottish power, who sell you the product and D & G who provide the cover. Absolutely awful customer service and one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a company. STAY AWAY!

Contract Length and Fees

For an overview of their typical tariff types and lengths, see the table below. For information about Scottish Power quotes, click here.

Tariff Name Tariff Type Fixed Until Exit Fees Availability Support Cancer Research
Online Fixed Saver August 2019 Fixed 31st August 2019 £30.00 per fuel Dual Fuel, Electricity Only or Gas Only
Online only
Online Fixed Price Energy August 2019 Fixed 31st August 2019 £30.00 per fuel Dual Fuel, Electricity Only or Gas Only
Online only
Online Fix and Save August 2019 31st August 2019 £30.00 per fuel Dual Fuel, Electricity Only or Gas Only
Online only
Help Beat Cancer Fixed Saver August 2020 Fixed 31st August 2020 None Dual Fuel, Electricity Only or Gas Only
Online and Offline
Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy August 2020 Fixed 31st August 2020 None Dual Fuel, Electricity Only or Gas Only
Online and Offline
Help Beat Cancer Fix and Save Energy August 2020 Fixed 31st August 2020 None Dual Fuel, Electricity Only or Gas Only
Online and Offline
SMART Green Electric Vehicle August 2020 Fixed 31st August 2020 None Dual Fuel or Electricity Only
Online only
Standard Variable N/A None Dual Fuel, Electricity Only or Gas Only
Online and offline

Scottish Power Reviews

As one of the biggest energy providers in the UK, it is understandable that they may have encountered some issues in their long history.

According to Trustpilot, however, there are a lot of negative reviews about the company, accounting for 95% of over 2000 reviews in total.

Many of these reviews are based on inaccurate bills, system errors and long waiting times.

While it is important to remember that online reviews are not always legitimate or accurate, they should still be taken into consideration when deciding which energy company is best for you.

Positive Scottish Power Reviews:

Rachel on Trustpilot:

After being so angry at my bill from changing to Scottish power, I want to say I have since contacted complaints customer service team, & have to say, all errors have been found and amended with a service of very high understanding operators who listened and investigated my problem And found the fault of failure which wasn’t their fault.

Negative Scottish Power Reviews:

Jenni on Trustpilot:

The awful company ended up owing me thousands. First had my address down as somewhere on the opposite side of the country, installed a new gas meter but didn’t update the system (causing current issues with new energy company), overcharged me on gas and electricity and took an unreasonably long time to refund. Worst of all… their sales department keep trying to contact me to get me to sign up to them again – never in a million years! Awful.

Company Comparison

Company Bulb So Energy Affect Scottish Power
Overall Trustpilot Score ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Discounts No No £15.75 per fuel per year No
The average cost for dual fuel three bedroom home £82 £78 £90.00 £94.96
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 92% Positive 86% Positive 86% Positive 2% Positive

Ready to compare business electricity prices? You can save up to 40% by switching!

Who Should Use the Company?

Based on all of the information given, including reviews from trusted sources, Scottish Power quotes, a more in-depth look into the company and their tariffs, it seems that Scottish Power might be useful for those who want the reliability of one of the ‘big six’ energy companies.


Scottish Power Review
  • Price
  • Customer support
  • Range of services


As one of the ‘big six’, holding a vast slice of the market, there are many pros and cons to Scottish Power. Because they provide so many homes with energy their customers expect a high level of service but unfortunately, being that they are a huge company, it can be hard to provide custom 5-star service to the millions of households they supply energy to.


  • Scottish power offers an extensive range of services for their customers
  • Offers boiler care through their partner
  • Supports the Cancer Research UK charity


  • 1-star score on Trustpilot
  • Offers many different tariffs which can be confusing
  • More expensive than their independent competition



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