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Regent Gas Review

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Founded in 1995, Regent Gas is a privately owned commercial gas supplier that provides natural gas to SME and large companies throughout the UK.

They claim to be recommended by the UK’s leading energy brokers because of their competitively priced wide variety of contracts that can range from fixed term to wholly tailored gas contracts.

They also claim to have many different businesses in their portfolio, including hotels, leisure centres, offices, shops and warehouses.

Costs and Fees

Like most commercial energy suppliers, Regent Gas does not offer any information on their website regarding an estimated quote.

This is because all businesses require their bespoke quotes that take many different things into consideration like the size of your business, the number of employees you have, where you are located and more.

They do however offer this information on their website.

AQ Band kWhUnit Rate p/kWhStanding Charge per day (£)
Over 293,0714.95Site-Specific

Core services & offering


Regent Gas offers their customers 100% natural gas; their fuel mix is as follows:

  • Coal – 0% (8.5% UK average)
  • Natural gas – 100% (44.1%)
  • Nuclear – 0% (21.0%)
  • Renewable – 0% (24.2%)
  • Other – 0% (2.2%)

Site Works

They offer not only gas, but they also provide business gas connections and business gas meters.

This means that they will coordinate with local gas transporters on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation that could save your business both time and money.

✔ New gas connections
✔ Increasing or decreasing gas pressure depending on your needs
✔ Increase your gas supply with the equipment you have
✔ Gas meter exchanges
✔ Gas meter testing
✔ Alteration of gas equipment
✔ Relocation of gas equipment

Meter Readings

Regent Gas offer a form on their website for customers to submit their meter readings, but if your meter has AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) technology, you can view your energy use in real time.

Customer Support

Regent Gas does not currently have any reviews online to be able to gauge how their customers feel about their customer support team.

However, they do have several ways that customers and potential customers can get a hold of them including by phone, email and a contact form on their website.

This also appears to be where you can start the process of receiving a quote.

Contract Length and Fees

They offer a range of contract lengths for their customers, which can be tailored to suit your business depending on what your needs are. Here are the four contracts you can currently choose from.

Fixed Price

✔ Budget your overheads
✔ Fixed prices
✔ Stable unit rate for your energy
✔ Single standing charge on each gas meter

Fixed Price with Mid-Term Review

✔ Benefit from price falls in the wholesale gas market
✔ Budget your overheads more accurately
✔ Stable unit rate
✔ Single standing charge on each gas meter

Fixed Term Deferred Gas Purchase

✔ Your contract comprises of the cost of gas and management charge
✔ The price of gas is open
✔ Benefit from favourable fluctuations in the market


✔ For larger businesses with multiple sites
✔ Tailored contracts
✔ Payment terms linked to credit score
✔ Variable gas unit rate
✔ Flexible standing charges
✔ Shorter term contracts

Regent Gas Review

There are currently no reviews online about Regent Gas on any unbiased website like Trustpilot or Google.

Company Comparison

CompanyBulbSo EnergyAffectRegent Gas
Overall Trustpilot Score★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★No Data
DiscountsNoNo£15.75 per fuel per yearNo
The average cost for dual fuel three bedrooms home£82£78£90.00Commercial supplier
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot92% Positive86% Positive86% PositiveNo Data

Who Should Use the Company?

Regent Gas is an excellent choice for a business that wants to use natural gas and wants to benefit from their full range of services such as meter alterations and site works.



  • Lots of information about their tariffs
  • Get a bespoke quote within 2 – 3 working days
  • A wide range of services


  • Only supplies gas
  • No information about estimated costs
  • No reviews available

Regent Gas is a commercial gas supplier that can offer customers everything they need, from account managers to more control over their gas purchasing. This gives you control over your budgeting which can save you time and money.

Capital house
61 Amhurst Road
E8 1LL

0800 234 3036