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Opus Energy Review

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What’s in this review?

Thinking about making the switch to Opus Energy?

What services do they provide? What do their customers think?

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Opus Energy.

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Founded in 2002, Opus Energy which is based in Northampton, employs over 700 people and last year had revenues of over £500 million.

In 2015 Opus broke into the top 6 energy companies, making it a competitor with the other energy heavyweights, but unlike the other suppliers in that category, Opus Energy only supplies businesses.

Costs and Fees

As a commercial energy supplier, Opus Energy does not provide any estimates for the cost of their energy.

What they do provide is an idea of how they have been able to serve different types and sizes of businesses by documenting case studies on their website.

Core services & offering

As well as offering business gas and electricity (see contract length and fees below), Opus Energy customers can also enjoy these benefits.

Smart Meters

Opus Energy is providing customers with free smart meters until 2020.

Not only will they likely cut your costs as estimated billing will be a thing of the past, but also as the UK is going to be switching to a ‘smart grid’ by 2030, it gives your business the opportunity to get ahead of the changes that will be coming in the next few years.

Energy Efficiency Guides

With practically every industry to choose from, Opus Energy has energy efficiency guides on their website to help your business reach its full potential and save money.

These tips can range from things that are as simple as remembering to switch the lights off to turning down the temperature by 1°C to increase your energy savings by 8%.

Renewable energy options

Opus purchases their renewable energy from over 2,000 independent generators.

You have the option within your bill to decide where you want your fuel to come from; these are the options.

  • 100% renewable
  • Part renewable: They will supply you with renewable energy for a portion of your bill
  • Standard: They will supply you with energy that may or may not be renewable

Energy Brokers

Opus Energy understands that there is a role for brokers and consultants, which is why they offer a bespoke service that benefits from their wealth of experience in the field.

Customer Support

Regarding customer support, Opus Energy has had some issues that need to be rectified as some customers have complained about a lack of communication, but on the whole, Opus has a positive customer service reputation according to Trustpilot.

Positive Customer Support Reviews

Raja Khan on Trustpilot:

Polite. Pleasant. To the point. Did what she said. Thank you. Great start to our relationship.

Negative Customer Support Reviews

Chee Hui Tai on Trustpilot:

They have been blocking us from changing supplier for three months. They charge us business rates while our apartment is residential! No communication, no emails back, an absolute joke of a company.

Contract Length and Fees

Small and Medium Businesses

  • Both single and dual fuel tariffs available
  • Fixed contracts up to 3 years
  • Account management
  • Free smart meter with electricity contracts
  • UK customer service
  • Out of contract rates from 21.25p per kWh plus 70p daily standing charge
  • Out of contract gas rates from 6.01p per kWh plus 90p daily standing charge

Large Businesses

Opus Evolution

  • Flexible electricity purchasing for businesses that use over 5GWh per year
  • Direct access to the wholesale market
  • Available for non-half hourly and half-hourly commercial electricity customers

Opus Fixed

  • Fixed price electricity
  • Flexible contract sizes regardless of the magnitude of your business
  • Dedicated account manager

Corporate Gas

  • Fixed price gas
  • Volume flexibility
  • Flexible contract durations

Opus Energy Reviews

Opus Energy has a very mixed review on Trustpilot, with their positive reviews only slightly more in percentage than their negative reviews.

Some of these negative reviews seem to be one-off situations, but it is important to consider them when deciding whether to switch to another energy supplier.

Positive Opus Energy Reviews

Kay Harley on Trustpilot:

I deal with utility companies routinely in respect of our developments and rental portfolio, we use and renew with Opus because their staff are always friendly, helpful and polite.

Negative Opus Energy Reviews

Kim Santino on Trustpilot:

Be careful with Opus energy, got hit with “arrears” after ten months, a huge bill after being encouraged to have one of their smart meters fitted. Please be warned! Customer service atrocious!

Company Comparison

CompanyBulbSo EnergyAffectOpus Energy
Overall Trustpilot Score★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
DiscountsNoNo£15.75 per fuel per yearNo
The average cost for dual fuel three bedrooms home£82£78£90.00Commercial supplier
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot92% Positive86% Positive86% Positive48% Positive

Who Should Use the Company?

Opus Energy might be a suitable company for a larger business that can benefit from their range of services including the installation of smart meters, renewable energy initiatives and dedicated customer support.



  • Installs and maintains smart meters
  • Benefit from account managers
  • Check their guides for tips on how to be more energy efficient


  • Only supplies businesses
  • Does not have as wide a range of services as their competitors
  • Mixed reviews on Trustpilot

Opus Energy is one of the biggest independent suppliers of energy in the UK, even though it only supplies businesses. Customers can enjoy the benefits of having a larger supplier, like no staffing issues or having to wait for a response from their dedicated account managers.

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61 Amhurst Road
E8 1LL

0800 234 3036