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If you are looking for a business energy supplier, then there is a wide range of companies to choose from. Your priority, however, is to look for a supplier who is not only affordable but one who also offers a variety of great services, products, and perks.

What’s in this review?


Let’s jump right in.

Core Services & Offering

Established in 1993, Gazprom is a global energy supplier which owns 17% of the global supply in the world. Also, the world’s largest reserves of natural gas are held by Gazprom Energy.

In 2009, Gazprom Energy started supplying electricity and had been offering businesses bespoke solutions for all their electricity needs.

The company supplies gas and electricity to more than 30,000 industrial and commercial customers.

With its UK headquarters based in Manchester, Gazprom Energy has over 350 employees across the UK, Netherlands and France.

Let’s find out the source of Gazprom energy supply.

Gazprom Energy Gas and Electricity Solutions

The following are Gazprom’s services for both gas and electricity:

Shield gas

Shield gas is a business service offered by Gazprom. It comes with:

  • Fixed prices for gas
  • Energy contracts for 1-5 years
  • Large businesses with an expenditure of over £8,000 annually and consumption levels above 500,000 kWh per year can get a tailored quote

Electricity solutions

  • Tariffs are offered at a fixed price
  • 1 and 2-year contract options
  • The price plans depend on operational costs in managing your business account, your usage and the terms of the contract
  • Access to renewable electricity
Did You Know?

Through community and energy efficiency schemes, Gazprom Energy can offset your gas carbon footprint and award you a certificate that indicates you are using an energy supply that is carbon neutral.

Does Gazprom Have any Offers?

This energy supplier has plenty of offers including:

  • Accessing an online quote instantly
  • Micro-businesses can have a three year back billing limit for electricity and a four year back billing limit for gas
  • Some business customers may qualify for a 65% reduction in their Climate Change Levy (CCL), or they may be exempted altogether.

Quite attractive. For a detailed quote for your business, go right ahead and contact us today.

Tariff Plans for Businesses

Gazprom Energy has tariff plans for corporate, large, medium, and small businesses.

Medium and Small Businesses (with consumption of below 500,000 kWh/year)

  • A dedicated customer service team
  • AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) option
  • Fixed rate for electricity and gas tariffs usually from 1-5 years

Corporate and Large Businesses

  • An account manager
  • Flexible electricity and gas contracts
  • Direct purchases from the energy market

Gazprom Energy Rates

We will take a look at the deemed rates of Gazprom.

Contract Lengths & Fees

Deemed rates are the prices you are charged for electricity and gas usage when there is no contract in place. Of course, these rates are higher than rates under a contract.

And so, the actual rates could cost 20%-40% less than the deemed rates.

Supply of Gas Deemed rates for Microbusinesses

Let’s first understand what it takes for your business to be classified under the microbusiness category.

Your business should meet at least one of the below conditions.

  • Have an electricity consumption of below 100,000kWh annually
  • Gas consumption of below 293,071kWh annually
  • Employed less than ten people
  • Have a turnover of less than £1.8 million annually

The deemed rates charged for the supply of gas will depend on how much gas your business consumes annually. This consumption is referred to as AQ (the Annual Quantity)

The table below shows the deemed rates of microbusinesses in each band.

Note: All the prices are exclusive of CCL and VAT.

Band Max AQ (in kWh) Min AQ (in kWh) Deemed Rate Per Unit (in kWh) Standing charge (Per Day)
5 293,071 125,000 4.59p £10.16
4 124,999 73,201 4.59p £5.26
3 73,200 124,999 4.59p £4.65
2 49,999 25,000 4.59p £3.52
1 24,999 0 4.59p £2.38

Supply of Electricity Deemed Rates for Non-Micro Business and Micro-Business

Let’s look at the deemed rates of electricity from Gazprom

Customer Type Unit Rate (p/kWh) Standing Charge (Per Day) Capacity Charge (KVA/Month)
Half-Hourly (High Voltage) 21.89 379.92p £3.43
Half-Hourly (Low Voltage) 22.99 173.45p £1.69
Half-Hourly (Low Voltage Substation) 22.81 187.10p £2.69
Non-Half Hourly 22.31 144.61p N/A

Does Gazprom Have Smart Meters?

Gazprom’s business electricity customers can access a free AMR (Automated Meter Reading) device which helps to manage and monitor energy use.

Depending on your energy consumption, your business could be eligible for a smart meter. This device provides the actual energy usage information. Thus you can get more accurate bills.

How Can You Submit Your Meter Readings to Gazprom?

There are several ways in which you can submit your business meter readings

  • Through Gazprom’s online form- There is no need to log in. You simply fill in the details required.
  • Through your online account- You will need to log in to submit your readings.
  • Sending an email of your readings to
  • Texting your account number and meter readings to 07860020155.
  • By calling their friendly customer service line on 0845 230 0011 and telling them your meter read.

How Do You Get Your Business Bills?

By logging into My Gazprom Energy, you can be able to not only view your bills but also download them.

Which Ways Can You Use to Pay Your Bills?

  • Via Direct Debit
  • By post with a cheque
  • Credit or debit card payment. Although this attracts an additional 3% charge

What Should You Do if you are Changing Business Tenancy?

If you are changing your tenancy, you will be required to fill in their online moving premise form.

Alternatively, you can opt to download a tenancy form for power or gas change, fill it and then return it to them. The relevant post, email, and fax details are outlined in the form.

Excited to make that switch? This is what you should do.

How Do You Switch to Gazprom Energy?

You should try and have the following beforehand:

  • The end date of your contract
  • Consumption rates or annual expenditure
  • The latest energy bill for your business

However, you shouldn’t worry if you aren’t able to obtain the above information since you will still receive all the help you need.

Once you have consented to the terms and conditions of Gazprom’s contract, switching your electricity and gas should take about 15 days. Before this, you should notify your current supplier of your decision.

Although, if you are still in arrears with your previous supplier, switching could be delayed.

Once everything is finalized, Gazprom will send you a welcome pack with all the necessary details.

What are The Advantages of Gazprom Energy?

  • They offer fixed and variable contracts
  • Majority of their energy is renewable and green
  • Flexible accounts can be easily managed via their online portal

Customer Support

For any questions, queries, or complaints, you can contact their customer service team through:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0845 230 25058
  • Post: Gazprom Energy, Bauhaus, 27 Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3GY

Gazprom Reviews

Gazprom only has 14 reviews on Trustpilot, so it is difficult to say how accurate of a picture these reviews paint of the company. However, from the reviews that they do have, it’s given Gazprom a poor 2-star overall rating with a massive 79% of those reviews falling within the negative category.

These negative reviews state that the staff is unhelpful, they have had overestimated bills and huge delays on services.

It is important to remember that online reviews aren’t always accurate, but they should still be considered when deciding whether to switch energy suppliers.

Positive Gazprom Review

Paul Leach on Trustpilot:

Great Company to deal with the fast response.

Negative Gazprom Review

Mark on Trustpilot:

I’ve never written a review before, but this company deserves my first. Absolute shambles wish I’d never signed up with them. Never again. Appalling customer service, huge delays over simple matters. Avoid at all costs; there must be a better supplier than this out there.

Company Comparison

Company Bulb So Energy Affect Gazprom Energy
Overall Trustpilot Score ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★
Discounts No No £15.75 per fuel per year No
The average cost for dual fuel three bedrooms home £82 £78 £90 Commercial Supplier
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 92% Positive 86% Positive 86% Positive 21% Positive

Who Should Use the Company?

Gazprom claims to be the UK’s leading business gas supplier, so this company might be a good fit for businesses that want the reliability of a big company with excellent customer service.


Gazprom Review
  • Customer support
  • Range of services
  • Easy to contact



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