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Daligas Business Energy Review

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Different energy suppliers offer different rates and deals. And Daligas Business Energy is no exception. This energy supplier could be just what your business needs.

Did you can you could save up to 40% by comparing energy suppliers?

What’s in this review?


So, here we go.

Core Services & Offering

Daligas is a UK based gas supplier to business and domestic customers. Founded in 2012 by Dr Phaedon Hadjisavvas, its headquarters is in London with less than 50 employees.

Although relatively new in the market, Daligas offers its customers a simple, transparent, and affordable pricing plan.

Below we take a look at what this gas supplier has to offer its customers.

Daligas Tariff Plans

The gas provider only has two tariffs.

One Fix

  • It comes with a one-year fixed rate contract divided into 12 equal monthly instalments
  • You pay your bills on a monthly basis via direct debit
  • Gas rate per unit is 2.75p/kWh with a daily standing charge of 21p
  • Exit fee before the end of your contract is £20

One Standard

  • The price is variable
  • Monthly bills paid using direct debit
  • It doesn’t have a contract hence you will not be required to pay an exit fee
  • Gas rate per unit is 2.75p/kWh with a daily standing charge of 21p
Did You Know?

Daligas sends your monthly statements via email unless you request for a paper bill which is sent to you at no cost.

What is the Tariff Rates of Daligas?

Daligas Business Energy has different offers on their two tariffs updated on a monthly basis. The best way to get the most affordable tariffs for your business is to contact us or fill our simple form at the top of this page.

The table below shows correct rates as at July 2018

Tariff Name Tariff Type Contract Duration Manage Online?Average Cost (Annual)Average Savings (Annual)
One Fix Fixed12 months fixedNo£487£92
One StandardVariableN/AYes£487£92

What should you do if you are changing tenancy? Let’s take a look.

Moving Premise with Daligas  

You will be required to notify Daligas in writing two days before moving premises. Also, you will have to send them a meter reading on the day you move. Daligas will then send you a final bill.

If you want Daligas to continue supplying you with gas even after you move into another premise, you can inform them through their customer care.

Why Choose Daligas?

  • 12-equal monthly instalments allow you to know the exact due date of your bills and plan well in advance.
  • Their unit cost is the same in all the areas they supply gas in the UK
  • Affordable prices
  • Their customer support is friendly

Ready to make that switch? This is what you need to know.

How Do You Switch to Daligas?

If you don’t know how much gas your business consumes in a year, you will be asked to enter the size of your property (in square meters), and then an online calculator will give you an annual estimated consumption.

Once you have filled in the online application form, you will be requested to view the terms and conditions of the contract and then sigh if you are satisfied with it. You can return your signed contract via email, fax, or mail.

The switch will take between 2 to 4 weeks to complete. However, Daligas Business Energy will update you regularly on the progress.

You will be informed about the date of switching and on that date, you will be asked to submit a meter reading to them. The meter reading submitted to Daligas will be your first opening reading with them.

Go ahead and fill the form at the top of the page to get a quote specially tailored for your business needs.

Customer Support

If you have any complaints or queries about Daligas, you can contact their customer service team via call, email, or post.

Their email address is

Call 0800 111 4568. Their telephone lines are open every Monday through Friday from 9 am-5.30 pm.

You can opt to write to them. Their address is Daligas Ltd, 152-154 Coles Green Road, London, NW2 7 HD.

Now let’s take a look at what some of the customers had to say about Daligas Business Energy.

Daligas Business Reviews

Daligas Business Energy only has 48 reviews on Trustpilot, so it is difficult to ascertain precisely how they fare according to their customers.

However, with the reports that they do currently have, they have a poor 2-star rating that comprises of 44% negative reviews and only 25% positive reviews, with the rest falling somewhere in the middle.

Although online reviews aren’t always accurate, it’s still essential to consider them when comparing suppliers.

Positive Daligas Business Reviews

King-Welsh on Trustpilot:

Had absolutely no problems. Direct debits taken as it should be and switch easily although took slightly longer than expected; however, the company stated beforehand time it would take. On my 11th month of 12 months, fixed rate and not had to call up about any issues. Very pleasantly surprised.

Negative Daligas Business Reviews

Mr N. Harley on Trustpilot:

Price is ok but not an interactive website. All you get each month is a copy of your direct debit payment? You know what you’re paying. Not to say if you’re over budget under budget. Next to useless website.

Company Comparison

CompanyBulbSo EnergyAffectDaligas
Overall Trustpilot Score★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
DiscountsNoNo£15.75 per fuel per yearNo
The average cost for dual fuel three bedroom home£82£78£90.00£40 for gas only
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot92% Positive86% Positive86% Positive25% Positive

Who Should Use the Company?

Daligas Business Energy is more suitable for customers that just want to pay for their gas with a simple copy of your direct debit.




Capital house
61 Amhurst Road
E8 1LL

0800 234 3036