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Crown Gas and Power Business Energy Review

Crown Gas and Power

What’s in this review?


Who are Crown Gas and Power? Could they save you money on your business energy?

In this guide, you will find out more about this company as well as what you can expect from their customer service and much more.



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Crown Gas and Power is the energy division of Crown Oil Ltd, and supplies some industries with natural gas in the UK, claiming to have over 60 years of experience in providing energy.

Not only do they provide gas for businesses, but they also offer to organise an installation service to give you gas and electricity via new connections and meters without disrupting your business, which all comes at competitive prices.

Costs and Fees

While like many companies Crown Gas and Power do not offer an estimate of quotes for businesses on their website, to get a quote it is as simple as having this information:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Your MPRN – This stands for Meter Point Reference Number, which you can find on your bills.

You can also call on 0161 762 7744 or make use of the live chat function on their website, to talk to one of their agents.

Core services & offering


  • Supply bespoke tariffs to micro, small, medium and large businesses
  • Minute to minute gas pricing
  • Tailored billing
  • Custom payment terms
  • Variable contract lengths
  • Daily standing charge between £1 and £300 depending on site size


A service that offers the facility of new connections for both gas and electricity, providing competitive rates and minor disruptions to your running business.


Installation of meters for both your electricity and your gas of all sizes, including standard and rotary meters, as well as half hourly and non-half hourly electricity meters.


Automated Meter Readers offer you the chance to say goodbye to estimated billing, as this meter will allow you to see how much energy your business is using right down to the half hour.

If your business uses gas more than 732,000 kWh, you are legally required to have an AMR to comply with the Governments Advanced Meter Obligation.

Service Alterations

If you need your pipes, cables or meter moving but you can’t afford to lose your service, Crown Gas and Power offer an alteration service that is often cheaper and faster than creating a whole new connection.

Customer Support

As well as having someone to answer your queries via phone, email or live chat, Crown Gas and Power also have an FAQ section on their website, to see if they can answer any of your general questions.

At the time of writing, there are no reviews about Crown Gas and Power on any review websites such as Trustpilot whether positive or negative.

Crown Gas and Power Reviews

Although there are no reviews that can be found on any websites like Trustpilot, there was some activity on Twitter that did shine a favourable light on Crown Gas and Power.

Thanks to Crown Gas and Power for visiting Full Power and for the informative meeting. The team greatly appreciated your hospitality on Friday night, and we look forward to doing it again. Special thanks to Jeanette, Emma, Steph and Danny

Comparing this company to other companies

Company Bulb So Energy Affect Crown Gas & Power
Overall Trustpilot Score ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ No Data
Discounts No No £15.75 per fuel per year No
Estimate business quote on website No No No No
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 92% Positive 86% Positive 86% Positive No Data

Who Should Use the Company?

Luckily for businesses, Crown Gas and Power offer bespoke services for companies of every size. With the range of services available, this supplier may be best for those who need meters and connections installing as well as having your gas provided by a company that has over 60 years of experience.


Crown Gas and Power Review
  • Customer support
  • Range of services
  • Easy to contact


Although Crown Gas and Power do not have any online reviews in which to analyse their customer reputation, this smaller independent company offers an extensive range of services including new connections and meters, as well as multiple channels that customers can get in touch, including email, live chat and by phone.


  • Easy to contact
  • A range of services available
  • Accurate bills


  • Only supplies gas
  • No online reviews
  • No tariff information on their website



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