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What’s in this review?


Thinking about switching to Bulb business?

This guide will give you the low down on the favourite, 5-star rated energy company, from what they offer to what customers are saying about them.

Let’s dive in.

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Costs and Fees

Bulb is one of the unique commercial energy suppliers, in that it only offers one tariff.

You can find more information about the payment method and fees in the contract length section, but for a three bedroom home, your energy could cost £82, which might be similar to what you can expect from a small office.

They claim you could end up saving up to £337 a year!

Core services & offering

Although Bulb only offers one type of tariff, to keep things simple, customers can also enjoy these benefits from joining Bulb.

Join the community

Bulb prides itself on its community spirit.

They have a help centre to answer any questions you might have, but they also have a community website that has forums for Bulb customers and staff to help answer questions.

They even have an area to discuss different elements of the business and energy in general.

Renewable Energy

Customers of Bulb will have 100% renewable energy with 10% green gas, which is Ofgem accredited. This means that you can rest assured that you are getting the best energy, and you know where it’s coming from.

According to the website, a typical Bulb home saves 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That is the same as planting 655 trees!

Imagine how that could benefit your business regarding reduced carbon emissions.

Support independent generators

So where does the renewable energy come from?

Other than the wholesale renewable energy that Bulb buy from the grid to prevent any shortfalls, they buy their electricity from independent generators across the UK.

This ranges from wind to hydropower to solar power.

Bulb work with trusted partners such as SmartestEnergy, who work with their communities of renewable generators.

They purchase certificates from these partners that guarantee for every kWh of renewable energy that they are buying, a kWh of green energy goes into the grid.

Sell your power

If you’re interested in selling your power, Bulb offers simple and competitively priced Power Purchase Agreements to generators that have an installed capacity greater than 100kWh.

Bulb App

The Bulb app helps you understand your energy usage, which is often the first step in reducing your monthly bill as you can see where your energy is going.

This is why they keep it simple with easy to digest information, plus you can do things like submitting your meter readings.

Customer Support

According to Trustpilot, Bulb customers have experienced fantastic customer support as indicated by the 5-star rating they currently have.

This, backed up by the fact that their negative reviews are always answered to try and fix the customers issue, makes it one of the best in the market for communication.

That can be handy when your business requires something energy related fixed asap.

Positive Customer Support Review

Hung on Trustpilot:

I have joined Bulb for two months and so happy with their lower price than EON that I used before. Moreover, their customer service is excellent. Any query during my switch time was sorted out quickly by one person and much appreciation for his best solution in any case I faced.

Negative Customer Support Review

Justine Cannings on Trustpilot:

Service has been poor, and I feel as if I am trapped in dealing with them as they can’t seem to close my account.

Contract Length and Fees

As Bulb only offer one type of tariff, they hope to take the confusion out of choosing your plan.

They claim that by making their only tariff variable, it allows them to react to the market and pass any of their savings back down to the customer.

Supplier: Bulb
Tariff Name: Vari-Fair
Tariff Type: Variable
Payment Method: Direct Debit
Electricity Unit Rate:
12.443p per kWh
Electricity Standing Charge:
24.56p per day (£89.64 per year)
Gas Unit Rate: 2.797p per kWh
Gas Standing Charge:
24.56p per day (£89.64 per year)
Dual Fuel discount: £30/year
Exit Fees: None

Bulb Reviews

Bulb is one of the highest rated energy companies currently on the market, with a stellar 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Their negative reviews seem to be mostly about the fact that their bills reflect the variable tariff or technical problems.

This can happen for a large variety of reasons, and their head of service James Dunn has responded to these complaints to try and rectify them.

Positive Bulb Reviews

Tom Warwood on Trustpilot:

They do all the hard work for you it couldn’t have been easier, customer service is brilliant, and what is better you get £50 credit if you switch. They are cheaper and provide cheaper and sustainable energy.

Negative Bulb Reviews

T Marsh on Trustpilot:

Feeling disappointed and let down… They increased our tariff in April and now told me they would do it again in August. This is twice in six months (!). If you can’t sustain your business offering, no need to paint a misleading picture.

Company Comparison

Company Bulb So Energy Affect Good Energy
Overall Trustpilot Score ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
Discounts No No £15.75 per fuel per year £15 per fuel by paying by debit card
The average cost for dual fuel three bedroom home £82 £78 £90.00 £102.39
Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 92% Positive 86% Positive 86% Positive 34% Positive

Who Should Use the Company?

Bulb is the perfect fit for a business customer that values renewable energy, supporting UK based generators and stellar 5-star service.


Bulb Review
  • Price
  • Customer support
  • Range of services


Bulb is a promising independent energy supplier that allows both domestic and commercial properties to enjoy the benefits a variable tariff can offer, and give back to the earth by reducing their carbon footprint. With so many positive reviews on trusted sites such as Trustpilot, Bulb is a company that should be given a chance when considering your energy needs.


  • 5-star service based on Trustpilot reviews
  • Excellent value for money
  • Transparent and clear information


  • Variable contracts mean that the price of energy can increase and decrease
  • Bulb’s range of services aren’t as wide as some of their competitors
  • A small company sometimes has growing pains



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