Anglian Home Improvements Showcases 'Big Energy Savings Week' Through Consumer Engagement

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UK’s premier home improvement company and double glazing firm, Anglian Home Improvements is participating in ‘Big Energy Savings Week’ to motivate people to plug wasted energy and save money. Here is a round-up of all the different initiatives Anglian took up to engage consumers this week.

What is Big Energy Savings Week?

It is a national level campaign in the UK running this week 22-27 October 2012 organized by the UK-based Citizens Advice Bureau to help people cut their fuel bills and save money and energy.

Energy Saving Tips and Information

Through the week, Anglian featured a number of useful posts and information related to energy savings, educating consumers on how energy savings is a win-win for everybody. Here is a sampling of some of the great information shared on their blog :

  •  New Study suggests Brits aren’t energy conscious  : A recent study carried out by Anglian Home Improvements suggests that Brits aren’t switched onto energy-saving. Even with rising energy prices and concerns, Britishers are not adopting easy changes that can save them money. A definite opportunity for big change!
  • What could YOU do with £1500? : This post talks about ways in which consumers can make substantial changes, with a significant impact on reducing energy bills – saving up to a massive £1500 a year – whilst doing a bit for the environment.
  • Energy ratings for your doors and windows: This is an excellent and informative post to help you understand the ratings and labels on your energy-efficient doors and windows.
  • Understand your home’s energy efficiency: This post educates consumers on the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) introduced by the UK government to rate homes for energy efficiency. All properties that are sold or rented out require an EPC prior to a change of ownership.
  • Tips to live an energy-efficient lifestyleThere is a wide array of small changes we can make to lessen our impact on national energy consumption. So, what do we mean when we talk about sustainable living?

Children’s Energy Information Booklet

There is a lot of information out there to educate adults, but are our children as educated about being energy-efficient and the possible outcomes from being inefficient?

Well, Anglian has come up with the perfect solution that helps educate your little ones with a variety of fun games and puzzles. Aimed at children between the ages of 4 & 6, the Energy Smart Kids Booklet covers thermal imagery showing house heat loss, new ways to travel efficiently, solar energy, where energy is used in your home and how to use less.

How do you get hold of one of these educational puzzle books? It is very easy and free; simply click here to visit the Big Energy Saving Week page and download your Energy Smart Kids Booklet.

Anglian’s ‘Big Energy Savings Week’ Giveaway: £7000 worth of energy-efficient windows and energy-saving packs

The week-long contest invites readers to submit ideas, gadgets, designs or any useful hints to become energy-efficient, and one winner (to be announced next week) could win windows to the value of £7,000 for their home. The contest runs through today (10/27) so there is still time to enter (UK residents only). Visit the contest page to enter. 

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