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Eco-entrepreneurship is calling. Should you take the plunge? 

Starting a business is not for the timid. Starting a business is a daunting challenge, with 4 of 5 businesses failing within the first few years. But the potential rewards are tremendous: being your own boss, doing what you love, making money, and in yours and Ecopreneurist’s case, saving the planet!

Green Business Opportunities for aspiring ecopreneurs
There are amazing and wonderful opportunities in every sector of the economy for aspiring ecopreneurs to jump on the green business wagon and get rolling. This post provides a list of some of the most attainable for people without much startup capital or specific industry training.

Setting up an exit strategy so your sustainable business maintains its values

Most people think about a lot of things when starting a business. Who to hire, how much to invest, whether to take outside money, how to target customers…but one thing consistently eludes most startup entrepreneurs, and it’s something that plagues companies the world over. How, and when, the founder will make his or her exit. This white paper from provides an in-depth look at how to plan for the end, even before you begin.

Download the white paper here.



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