Is the UK Going to Lose £100 Million Because of Subsidy Cuts?

The State for Energy and Climate Change proposed massive cuts the subsidies for both commercial and domestic solar installations in an effort to save money for the government, but recent studies show that it could do anything but. The subsidy reductions, which are set to prevent the UK from going nearly £1.5 billion over budget by 2020, have already reduced the UK’s solar market. The effect has been noticeable, as the UK is out of the Ernst & Young Renewable…

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Why The UK’s Solar Subsidy Cuts Won’t Save You Money

The Department of Energy and Climate Change may have stated that the cut to subsidies on small scale renewable energy is meant to save you money, but in fact, it could be doing the opposite. While the bill looks nice in reducing the burden on taxpayers, it harms the economy in other ways, especially for small companies and homeowners looking to go green with rooftop solar and other renewable energy investments. While Jim Watson, director of the UK Energy Research Center…

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