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Sunrun Appoints SolarEdge As Preferred Supplier

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Pioneering solar energy company Sunrun has chosen solar inverter company SolarEdge as its preferred supplier.

Announced late last week, the two company’s released a joint press release specifying that SolarEdge would serve as Sunrun’s “preferred supplier of optimized inverter solutions available for use in Sunrun’s home solar installations.”

The supply agreement also extends to Sunrun’s distribution business, AEE Solar.

“Sunrun has focused on integrating innovative technologies into our business so we continue to deliver the best experience to new and existing customers,” said Paul Winnowski, chief operating officer of Sunrun. “We’re excited to partner with SolarEdge to ensure Sunrun customers have high quality home solar systems resulting in increased energy production and lower electricity costs.”

The press release sung the praises of SolarEdge’s inverters, describing the many benefits that Sunrun customers will now receive, including “flexible system designs, enhanced rooftop safety, and increased home energy production levels through features like SafeDC, integrated rapid shutdown, cellular connectivity and storage readiness.” In addition, homeowners with Sunrun solar installations will also be able to remotely troubleshoot and access real-time performance data through SolarEdge’s cloud-based monitoring platform.

“As one of the largest inverter companies supplying the U.S. residential market, we’re pleased that our optimized products are part of the Sunrun family product offering,” said Peter Mathews, North America General Manager for SolarEdge. “We are proud to align ourselves with a respected organization like Sunrun and look forward to working together to elevate the solar experience for more consumers nationwide.”

Earlier this year, it was announced that SolarEdge had partnered with Vivint Solar, the second-largest US home solar company behind SolarCity. According to the news, Vivint Solar would purchase and install SolarEdge-optimized DC inverters for its nationwide installations.

From the other side of this latest transaction, Sunrun has already done extremely well for itself, becoming one of the largest rooftop solar power companies in the US, having recently opened for business in South Carolina, in addition to its notable market share throughout the US Northeast and Southwest.

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