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SunEdison Completes New Hampshire’s Largest Solar Power Plant

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SunEdison has completed the construction of New Hampshire’s largest solar power plant, a 942 KW project located in the town of Peterborough.

The world’s largest renewable energy development company made the announcement last Friday upon completion of the 942 kilowatt DC solar power plant, which will now generate solar power for the town over the next 20 years, and save local taxpayers an estimated $250,000 on energy. Specifically, the solar system will generate more than 100% of the town’s waste-water treatment facility’s electricity needs, and offset electricity at other municipal buildings.

“The town of Peterborough welcomes the new solar power plant, which is a part of our plan to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions while generating energy savings,” said Rodney Bartlett, Peterborough’s town administrator.

“The town of Peterborough is blazing the trail for more renewable energy projects in New Hampshire,” added Tom Leyden, SunEdison’s vice president of partner development.

“Solar projects like this one save taxpayers money and bring new economic activity to the area in the form of construction jobs and land lease payments. And because we’ve worked with dozens of municipal customers, we know how to meet their unique needs in even the most challenging circumstances—in this instance we’re constructing the solar system on a capped waste water lagoon at the town’s waste water treatment plant.”

The Peterborough solar power plant is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 17 million pounds over the 20-year period the project is estimated to run for, which is approximately the same as sequestering carbon dioxide in more than 6,300 acres of US forest in one year.

Despite a skittish Q2’15 earnings report that saw the company’s shares plummet as a result of fears it was overstretching, SunEdison has continued to develop and invest in the renewable energy sector around the globe.

SunEdison was one of several winners in Brazil’s Leilão de Reserva solar auction held at the end of August, taking away 16 MW. And earlier this month, SunEdison announced that it had secured an entire 500 MW-worth auction in India, by setting a new Indian record for lowest tariff bid for solar PV.

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