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With over 800 solar installers in the UK, finding the right one is not easy without expert industry knowledge. Let us do the hard work for you free and find your perfect installer in less than 1 hour.

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Why install solar panels?

Energy Savings.

With government support still available for solar panels. now maybe the last opportunity you have to get the panels paid for with the Feed-in tariff. The energy savings combined with government payments will pay for the panels over their lifetime and give you a free profit.

Beat Rising Energy Costs

Traditional energy prices are only ever going one way, and that's up. Energy prices have doubled since the 90's, so in another 15 years, your savings will likely double again. Install solar panels, get them paid for by the government and never worry about energy costs again.

Feel Good Factor

Knowing you are not consuming any of the planet's resources when watching TV or putting the heating on is an amazing feeling. The world needs solar, and it needs forward thinking people like you who are willing to do their bit. We love you!


How does it work?

Find the best deals from top rated companies in your area with our free quote comparison service. Once you submit your request for quote, our system intelligently matches the most relevant local companies to contact on your behalf.

After we have located the best installers, we'll send you the best four. Then the suppliers will provide your further details and quotes within one hour, so you can compare them side-by-side, including price and timescale. It's no obligation and 100% free.

Save on average 37% compared to searching yourself.

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