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New York Launches Local Solar Energy Marketplace

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Promoting solar adoption in New York State, EnergySage has launched a local solar energy marketplace. Presenting consumers with unbiased facts, the new local solar marketplace will facilitate comparison shopping when researching financing options and installers, and hunting for the lowest price quotes.

Consumers using EnergySage local solar marketplace services have been shown to adopt solar at rates two to three times higher than the industry average. In addition, they pay prices that are estimated at up to 20% less than market averages.

New York Launches Local Solar Energy Marketplace

Boosting New York State Solar Adoption

Recently announcing its expansion into New York State, the EnergySage Marketplace helps consumers make well-informed and profitable decisions about solar energy adoption. Backed by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the EnergySage marketplace will enable residents to quickly research and compare solar options and obtain multiple price quotes from pre-screened solar installers.

Solar installers will also benefit from the New York EnergySage local solar marketplace. With access to a large pool of knowledgeable prospective clients, solar installers can now reduce customer acquisition costs, helping them grow their businesses more efficiently.

EnergySage CEO Vikram Aggarwal stated, “Beyond delivering substantial value to the consumer, the EnergySage marketplace has also proven to reduce customer acquisition costs for installers by more than 50 percent.” Aggarwal continued, “Because installers are able to more quickly and easily connect with purchase-ready customers, they can increase close rates and reduce sales cycle times. The marketplace is transforming the solar industry into one that is not only highly efficient but also scalable.”

EnergySage Awarded by NY-Sun

In 2014, NY-Sun awarded EnergySage to inject much-needed simplicity, choice, and transparency into the local solar energy market. NY-Sun is New York Governor Cuomo’s program to help expand solar in the state, reduce the balance of system costs, and move New York State closer to having a sustainable, self-sufficient solar industry.

As it has in several other states, EnergySage will use its unique approach to provide New York consumers with extensive informational and community content about their local solar industry and market. In conjunction with these information resources, the innovative EnergySage online marketplace has proven incredibly effective in boosting solar adoption. At two to three times higher rates than industry norms, New York consumers using EnergySage are expected to adopt solar energy faster and pay prices up to 20% less than solar market averages.

Solar Shopping at No Cost to the Consumer

Providing a unique service for local solar shopping at no cost to the consumer, the unique EnergySage Marketplace platform provides unprecedented levels of choice, transparency, and information. Transforming the complex solar PV shopping process into a simple online comparison-shopping experience, New York consumers can now compare quotes from multiple pre-screened installers in an innovative apples-to-apples format across all financing options.

Manufacturers, installers, financiers, and other professionals involved in the solar PV sales process benefit as well, through increased consumer awareness, knowledge, and demand for their services. By creating efficiencies in both the buying and selling processes, EnergySage slashes the time and effort required by consumers and installers, reducing costs, boosting confidence, and accelerating mass-market solar adoption.

New York Partners Collaborating With EnergySage

Teaming up with New York businesses, universities, non-profits, utilities, and municipalities, the EnergySage Marketplace will enjoy broad promotional support for local solar marketplace use. This strategy also ensures wide-scale support for New York State’s initiative to help residents realize the benefits of clean, renewable energy, especially solar power.

New partners are encouraged to join the diverse group of organizations, such as Staples, The World Wildlife Fund, the Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy, and Connecticut Green Bank. These visionary organizations and firms are collaborating with EnergySage to extend their own sustainability efforts at mitigating global warming, while simultaneously encouraging solar adoption.

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