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Choosing Stroud Solar Panel Installers

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Stroud solar panel installersStroud has a long history with PV power, dating back to the installation of solar panels at the city’s headquarters in 2003, but more recently the much discussed community solar farm, which if approved, will cover 62 acres and provide 10MW of power. This makes finding Stroud solar panel installers no problem. Combined with estimated by Stroud solar installation company that they have done more than 7,000 local commercial and residential installations, and Stroud is a very green city.

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Why Install Solar Panels in Stroud


With an average of 1,500 hours of sunlight per year, plus a relatively moderate amount of rain, Stroud allows you to earn back anywhere from 8-15% of your investment. With lowering solar panel costs and improving solar efficiency, you can usually pay off a 4Kw solar panel system in 7 years, making it a good investment, as it will continue to produce power for 25 years or more. While larger and smaller solar systems take more or less time to pay off depending on their output and the EPC rating of the building, most solar arrays pay off within 10 years and some in as little as half that time.



Solar Installations in Stroud

In addition to the more than 10-year old solar installation on the Stroud city headquarters, there are a number of other solar projects and installations around the area. Among them, are local solar company EcoTricity, who are planning large projects for an Eco Park and a new, eco-friendly Forest Green Rovers stadium.

2050 and PAYS – 2050 and PAYS are both Stroud City Council projects aimed at improving social housing. The 2050 project is aimed to build up social housing, while the Pay As You Go builds on those programs to help ensure the homes are as energy efficient as possible. The program has included the installation of over 500 solar powered heaters, solar panels on social housing, and much more. Because social houses were only using around 40% of the solar energy they were producing the solar heaters help with cutting bills for tenants, by reducing their fuel usage.



Stroud Solar Panel Installers

Stroud has a number of solar panel installers, many of whom have been in business in the area for more than 20 years. With that in mind, it can be difficult to choose the best option for your needs. Compare quotes here for Stroud solar installers. 



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