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Top Ferndown Solar Panel Installers

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Ferndown solar panel installersThe sunny location in Dorset makes finding Ferndown solar panel installers easy. This can be be seen by the multiple local solar farms, including 11 owned by the Dorset City Council. The Chapel Lane Solar Farm in Parley is also one of the UK’s biggest, and covers 173 acres. Other initiatives, like the Dorset City Council solar installations, include a variety of solar panels and solar thermal installed across public buildings in the county, including public libraries and city council buildings.

Installing your own solar panel array on your building is an easy decision, especially with the high potential for generating PV power in the area. All you have to do is get planning permission from the Ferndown City Council, choose from the available Ferndown solar panel installers, and decide on the size of your array.

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Ferndown Solar PV Potential

Ferndown’s location in Dorset means that you get a great deal of solar exposure, for a total of about 40-45% more than the average of the rest of the UK at an average of 1,868.8 hours per year. Rainfall is also lower, with an average of 730mm of rain per year, as opposed to the nearly 1,200 mm seen by much of the rest of the country.

This means that local solar installations get maximum exposure to the sun and iridescent light, allowing you to collect more power. As a result, Ferndown has a huge potential for solar power, making it an excellent fit for both commercial and domestic installations. With 40% more solar exposure, local installations can also pay themselves off more quickly, so you can start earning money back via the Feed in Tariff.

Choosing From Ferndown Solar Panel Installers

Ferndown’s location in Dorset, surrounded by solar farms and commercial solar installations, means that there are a great deal of local solar companies. With so many Ferndown solar panel installers to choose from, it is important that you consider your options, compare cost for value for all of the providers who service your specific area, and make sure that you are as informed as possible before making a decision. The following include a few of Ferndown’s top solar panel installers to get you started.

Sunkatcher Solar Ltd.
25 Spinners Close, West Moors, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 0PN | 0800 917 7145

sunkatcherSunkatcher Solar Ltd is one of the best Ferndown solar panel installers for a number of reasons, including a free survey and quotation, five accreditations including MCS approval, and competitive pricing. The company holds a RECC membership, independent warranty certification, a NICEIC approved installer certification, and is a member of the Dorset County Council Buy with Confidence Program. With a variety of solar panel brands, offerings for domestic and commercial buildings, and quality installations, Sunkatcher stands out from its competitors and offers excellent customer service.

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