Top New York Solar Installers

As a clean energy leader, New York is setting an excellent example for the nation. This is a state seriously committed to the solar revolution and the empowerment of the people through the wide-scale adoption of clean, renewable energy. And, with near-term plans for implementing more than 3,000 MW of solar power, New York solar installers are lining up like race horses at the starting gate. If you’re among the folks ready and waiting to go solar in the Empire…

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Solar Panels in North Carolina: A Complete guide

It might surprise you to find out that North Carolina is the number 2 solar state in the nation for 2017. But in North Carolina solar energy represents a bountiful crop and the enterprising folks of the Tar Heel State are great at harvesting sunshine. The following article offers an in-depth exploration of current data, policies, incentives, and trends related to North Carolina solar energy. Please feel free to provide additional contributions in the comments section, below. North Carolina ranks…

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How Do Solar Panels & Solar Energy Work?

Have you ever wondered how sunlight can travel 93 million miles from the Sun to the Earth, and still have enough oomph in reserve to burn your light bulbs? That, in a nutshell, is the miracle of solar energy. As for how solar panels work, that’s a little harder to fit in a nutshell but if you think of yourself as a kind of walking, talking vessel for solar energy, it’s a little easier to understand the science behind the…

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Giant UFOs Are Stealing Solar Power From The Sun

If you check your calendar today, you might be excused if you thought today is April Fool’s Day after reading this story. Almost as hard as the election of Donald Trump is to believe, this report from the lunatic fringe is even more difficult to give credence to. The UFO hunter known as Streetcap1 on YouTube is putting forth the theory that giant UFOs are draining solar energy from the sun. The proof, Streetcap1 says, is a line of “plasma”…

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