Next-Gen Energy Storage Aims At Concentrating Solar Power Plants

Energy storage is the key to making concentrating solar power plants an economical, reliable alternative to coal for electricity generation, and the US is determined to lead the field into new levels of efficiency. In the latest development, the Energy Department’s SunShot initiative is behind a new energy storage system based on chemical bonds that transfer heat as they store and release energy. If R&D on the new system progresses, the result will be an energy storage system with greater…

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12 Solar Facts You Should Know

Lists are always fun, so here are 12 solar facts to put in your notebook so you can share the important stuff with anyone who’s interested. I have divided this list of facts into four categories that might help you to better keep track of things. But before you start this list of 12 solar facts, how about a quick trip to the classroom that might help bring all readers up to speed? Here’s a short book list: Understanding Our Sun…

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Yingli Supplying 240 MW Of Solar Panels To Chile

Yingli Green Energy (aka Yingli Solar or simply Yingli) has announced that it will be delivering 240 MW worth of solar panels to two of Latin America’s largest hybrid solar PV and CSP plants. The announcement was made last week, and concerns two projects being developed in northern Chile, each of which will be equipped with 110 MW of concentrated solar power (CSP) as well as 17.5 hours of thermal storage. Yingli Green will act as the power plants’ sole supplier,…

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10 New SunShot Winners Announced

A total of fifty-four startups have participated in the SunShot Incubator program since it began back in 2007, and 10 new startups have joined the seventh incubator program launched this month. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, who funds the program, “the Incubator program provides early-stage assistance to help startup companies cross technological barriers to commercialization while encouraging private sector investment.” These projects are accelerating technological innovation for; Photovoltaic (PV) technologies Concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies Power electronics Balance-of-system (BOS)…

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