SolarCity Reveals Solar Services For Affordable Housing Communities

SolarCity has announced a new solar service specifically for affordable housing communities, developers, and residents. One of America’s leading solar power providers, SolarCity announced on Thursday that it was launching a new solar service “that can make it possible for affordable housing developers, builders, and residents to pay less for solar electricity than they currently pay for utility power.” Specifically, SolarCity intends to finance and install solar power systems itself on the rooftops and carports of affordable housing communities with the subsequent…

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Scotland In Love With Home-Grown, Small-Scale, Clean Energy

Scotland’s “love affair” with home-grown, small-scale, clean energy continues to soar, and new figures show just how widespread the love reaches. New figures published earlier in August by industry body Scottish Renewables and Scotland’s Rural College highlight just how many small-scale energy generators there are in the country: There are around 42,000 solar schemes — which equates to around 660,000 250W solar panels — 2,557 small wind projects, 204 hydro-electric schemes, and three anaerobic digesters generating electricity for Scottish homes,…

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