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Romag Solar Panels

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Romag is a UK based manufacturer of solar panels and architectural glass products. Romag has huge line of architectural, industrial, and military glass products ranging from beautifully museum skylights to bulletproof glass – all produced from one location in Dunham County, outside of Newcastle.

Because they understand glass and how to mount it, Romag has moved into the solar panel space aggressively. They provide panels for homes – and for some of the largest and most beautiful solar installations across the UK.

Should you choose Romag for your home?


Romag Solar Kits: Everything needed to install solar


Romag has standardized home solar panel installation into kits. These kits contain all the necessary equipment and parts to install solar on a home. Installing solar is still a serious project – but at least everything needed will be in the kit. You won’t have to piece together parts or find the right size inverter on your own.

The kits range in size from 1.4kw to 4.0kw, so a single kit can provide nearly any home with the proper amount of solar power.


Get the FIT, and bypass EU Import Duties


Romag panels meet the full requirements to receive the FIT (Feed-in-Tariff). They have specifically designed their kits to achieve the max FIT for your installation. Romag panels are manufactured in CCC, so they bypass EU import duties.

Local manufacturing also avoids shipping from China or German, and so avoids racking up carbon miles.


25 Year Electrical Output Warranty


Romag gives a 25 year linear performance warranty on the electrical output of their panels. This is warranty is different – and much better – than the warranty you’ll get from most other solar panel providers.

The chart below will help in understanding how Romag gives a better warranty. Panels have a nameplate listed amount of power they can provide. However, the amount power provided by a panel declines over time. Panel suppliers usually warranty their panels will provide 90% of the nameplate power for the first 10 years, and then 80% of the nameplate power for the next 15 years.

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Romag provides a better warranty, starting out at 97% of nameplate power on delivery, which is far better than the 90% most other panel suppliers will give you.

You can see from the chart, Romag says their panels will provide significantly more energy – and they back it up with a warranty. It’s a nice touch that says they believe their product is of the highest quality.


Romag: Nice Looking Panels


Romag was a glass company first, so they know how to make glass look great. They have carried over focus on making glass look good into their solar panels.

For example, Romag was part of the Kings Cross Station panel installation, and it’s beautiful.

The standard Romag panels have black anodized aluminum frames for their panels, and give a choice of black or white Teldar for the panels.

Romag can also supply extremely nice looking panels which are integrated directly into the roof itself. These panels do not sit above the roof, but rather become part of the roofing system. These integrated panels are watertight and meet all of the standards for weatherproofing and fire.

Additionally, they offer panels that actually look like roofing tile called Inteco.


Maintenance and Durability


Romag claims their panels are self-cleaning when mounted on a greater than 20% incline. It is recommended panels should be mounted at a 30-35% incline in the UK. Romag panels should require little or no cleaning. Romag recommends inspecting the panels once a year, and cleaning them if necessary.

Romag panels are like most solar panels, and have no moving parts so there is little mechanical wear and tear. Romag panels have a 10-year manufacturers warrantee against any defects.

Additionally, Romag panels have been tested to withstand 25mm hail, and temperature ranges from -25C to 80C.

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