clean energy on the rise

Clean Energy on the Rise for Business One Year after Trump’s Withdrawal from Paris Agreement

Clean energy on the rise — it’s big news in the US business sector. One long year after the Trump administration withdrew from the Paris Agreement, renewable clean energy is stronger than ever in the US business market. That’s because business owners of all sizes are increasingly understanding the benefit of sustainable choices to their customers and bottom lines. In fact, both clean energy system providers and business consumers are saying that they expect demand for clean energy to keep…

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ethically conscious

Small Businesses Must Meet the Needs of Customers Who Make Ethically Conscious Decisions

I stood before the refrigerated case of my locally owned and operated grocery store, staring at the plastic-wrapped meats and poultry. As a vegetarian for most of my life, this is not a place I visit very often. But it was a holiday weekend, and I had offered to prepare a traditional family meal for three generations. A butcher emerged from swinging doors, and I asked if I had overlooked free-range, organic, and possibly vegetarian-fed offerings. He shook his head…

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Why Coworking is a Key to Freelancer Success

Coworking might seem like a charming diversion from a ‘real office,’ but the studies keep showing the coworking has benefits for all workers, and is helping to reshape our business economy.

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boost workplace productivity

5 Ways to NOT Pitch Content

As the Important Media accounts manager, I answer all the inbound emails for our network of sites. I work with companies everyday to help promote their brands, whether it’s a helping out a local solar organization or sharing the cool products from a sustainable kitchenware company. However, I also filter through a gazillion emails from people trying to pitch their content to us in all the WRONG ways. So I thought I’d share some of my insights, with two hopeful outcomes: If you’re a…

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small business

5 Tips for Content Marketing Success when Pitching the Media

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably looking for ways to get the word out about your company, and there are lots of tips and tricks for how to make your way in the world of marketing. As the Accounts Manager for Important Media, I see all manner of pitches everyday: some good, some great, but most pretty terrible. I wrote about my experience with some of these in the recent post about how NOT to pitch content.  We work…

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