offshore wind

New York Jumpstarts Offshore Wind Industry

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced on July 12, 2018 that New York has set a course for the state’s first procurements of offshore wind. These produrements will support New York’s goal of 2,400 megawatts of new offshore wind generation by 2030, enough to power 1.2 million New York households.   The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) will solicit interest in approximately 800 MW of offshore wind during the fourth quarter of 2018. The New York Power…

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energy efficiency fund

London Creates Energy Efficiency Fund For Small Business

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced the largest ever dedicated investment fund for urban energy efficiency measures. The new £500m reserve will help small businesses and public sector organizations to invest in low carbon measures such as battery storage, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and small-scale renewable energy generation. The Mayor’s Energy Efficiency Fund (MEEF) will help to deliver new low carbon technology or upgrade existing infrastructure to reduce businesses costs, energy use, and emissions. The MEEF will assist…

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wind energy market

Japan To Tap World’s Largest Unexplored Wind Energy Market

Renewable energy is soon to be a major source of electricity for Japan, and international wind power companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of what is now seen as a lucrative wind energy market. Up until recently, many global energy companies have been wary of wind power generation in Japan, stymied by high installation costs and governmental regulations. But Japan’s invigorated emphasis on renewable energy through its new Basic Energy Plan may have changed many perspectives. Circled by oceans…

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solar roads

Solar Roads Light the Way in China

Shandong Pavenergy, a company that makes polymer-covered solar panels, is now paving solar roads in China. If this venture is successful, solar roads could have a major impact on the renewable energy sector and on consumer driving experiences as well. You see, road builders in China even want to design solar roads that can wirelessly recharge electric cars running on them. Solar road trials are becoming more popular as the technology improves and costs to produce solar continue to fall…

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