Green Gifts are Good Business Too

Having lived through the Dot-com boom in San Francisco, I went to many over-the-top networking events, at which I received too many (generally plastic) chotchkies. So I was pleased to see that when ThinkEquity Partners wanted to send partygoers off with a logoed-reminder at a reception during their ThinkGreen conference in San Francisco last week, they chose something useful and recyclable – wine. Organic vintner Jaeger brought a barrel of wine to the party where guests could decant their own…

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Help for Green Entrepreneurs

What’s a budding eco entrepreneur to do? You have an idea, you have the hutzpah, but who are you going to turn to for help when you need to make a thousand decisions in your first year of operations? You might see if there is a local chapter of Net Impact in your area. Originally an on-campus organization in business schools, uniting students who wanted to learn to use business to impact social change, Net Impact now has professional chapters…

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Green Brings in the Green: Eco-Consumers Go Wild

Even the most eco-conscious of you have to buy something. But how much “green buying” is helping the cause, and when is a little moderation called for? The number of booths, and retailers and products at the Green Festival in San Francisco was truly overwhelming. The loot attendees carted away had people listing to one side under the weight of their organic-cotton bags, and I don’t even want to think about the number of Cliff Bars doled out in bite-sized…

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The Green Business Conference: Entrepreneurs Step Up

Welcome to a new blog about entrepreneurs who care about the environment, healthy living, fair wages or fair trade (or all of the above). Co-op America’s San Francisco Green Business Conference, which ends later today, has attracted hundreds of entrepreneurs and others who intend to launch new businesses. I’ve seen entrepreneurs connecting (“your product would be great in my green online store”) and comparing experiences to help each other out. And the conference sessions themselves are very much geared to…

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