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From Fridge to Face

By Randi Ragan Plants are healing gifts that the Earth has given us – not only for nourishment, but to cure health problems and provide ingredients for a bounty of natural beauty recipes. People all over the world have known this since the beginning of time. Modern science has effectively learned how to synthesize those properties artificially in a lab for medical and economic benefits, but in the process, has short-circuited our culture’s interaction with plants on a level other…

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Saving the Great Lakes

Imagine a huge, blue body of water, white sandy beaches, waves crashing onshore and kids playing in the sand. You might be tempted to think of an ocean scene, but I’m talking about a typical July day on any of the Great Lakes. Sans the salty smell and the abundant sea life, the Great Lakes support a large tourist business, a busy shipping industry and are responsible for more than 1.5 million jobs in the U.S. and $62 billion in wages…

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Solar Panel Installation in Australia Financially Driven (Not Environmentally Driven)

The results of a recent survey by Sun Connect, an Australian solar power installation company, show that rising electricity bills have a major influence on homeowner’s decisions to go solar. Respondents pointed to high electricity bills, anticipated electricity price rises, and pain caused by high power costs, as significant areas of concern. In fact, when solar panel owners were asked why they originally converted to solar, the results show that people were 2.6 times more likely to identify “electricity bills…

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Five Bamboo Sets Higher Standards For Sustainable Apparel & CSR

Five Bamboo is an exciting eco-entrepreneur story of five young siblings (Zahlen, Xtehn, Vehro, Rohre and Qxhna Titcomb of Five Ultimate fame) who came together to make a difference! Five Bamboo is a new kind of  bamboo clothing company that is deeply rooted in sustainability. We all know bamboo is a renewable resource and the fastest growing grass in the world. Due to its fast growth, bamboo actually captures more CO2 than equivalent stands of trees. Unlike cotton, bamboo plants require very…

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Even the Rainwater Does Not Belong to Us

Yesterday I just saw an excellent Spanish film about water rights in Bolivia, “También la Lluvia” (Even the Rain). This engaging movie was directed by Icíar Bollaín, and it raises many complex issues about exploitation, imperialism, human rights, religion and access to clean water. The story follows a filmmaker, played by Gael García Bernal, who brings a film crew to Bolivia to shoot a movie about Spanish imperialism and the enslavement of the indigenous people. Bernal and his crew arrive…

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Sweetgreen Greens Fast Food

Looking for a model of good, green entrepreneurship? Well look no further than sweetgreen. Started by three entrepreneurial 24-year old Georgetown grads in D.C. in 2007, sweetgreen is reinventing fast food, turning it into a healthy, casual, sustainable alternative. Having eaten there many times, I can tell you that it’s addictive. It is a winning combination of good food, good vibe and good location(s). You don’t have to take my word for it. The food has garnered great reviews and…

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2011 Oscar Winner Natalie Portman Makes An Eco-Conscious Statement

She just won the 83rd Academy Award for Best Actress for “Black Swan” and she definitely knows to walk the talk! Natalie Portman is eco-friendly and is not afraid to show it. Portman, is a reported vegan, concerned about animal rights and conservation, and even sports an eco-conscious engagement ring. During this year’s Oscars, she was in the news for wearing a “responsible” clothing line to a Pre-Oscar party! Congratulations Natalie for your Oscar and showing that attitude and style is not just…

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North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2011

I briefly covered the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) at the beginning of the month. Now, it is here,.. well, in Austin, Texas. The show is being held from today, February 25, to Sunday. The folks over at BikeRadar are covering the show in-depth and I thought I’d share some tidbits from them. Tech editor James Huang, who is in Austin, writes that NAHBS “has always been a showcase for the immense talent and creativity of small artisan…

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Koch Brothers Monopoly, Scott Walker Connection [INFOGRAPHIC]

Following up on Rhonda’s great post the other day on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker admitting he wanted to destroy unions to a blogger on the phone who he thought was David Koch, here is a great infographic by the other 98% on the connections between Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers, titled “Koch Brothers Monopoly.” Enjoy 😀 (click title/link at top to view full infographic if you are on the homepage)

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