Lisa Kivirist: Working with Purpose on Friday Night

The clock strikes prime time Friday night as I send you this introductory greeting. Back in my corporate cubicle days over a decade ago, “happy hour” did not find me at the computer screen. Most likely, on Friday night back then you’d find me physically and mentally as far from my work scene as I could muster: camping over state lines, social at a party, buzzing at the local coffeehouse. While I had a enviable job and paycheck, “work” remained…

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Back to the Ecopreneurial Future with John D. Ivanko

I’m a business school failure — in a positive sort of way. Rather than spend most of my life in a carpeted cubicle, earning-and-spending and, in my case, pimping for the culture of consumption at a large advertising agency in Chicago, my wife, Lisa Kivirist, and I exited corporate America. We resettled on a 5.5 acre small farm in southwestern Wisconsin, endeavoring to learn how to grow our own food, generate our own electricity and in various other ways reclaim…

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2008 Acterra Business Environmental Awards Applications Due January 25th

First a disclaimer, this post is targeted toward entrepreneurs and employees of companies in Northern California–specifically people working in Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, or Santa Cruz Counties. The nonprofit organization Acterra is soliciting applications for its annual Business Environmental awards, which are open to businesses, government organizations, and in certain cases, nonprofit organizations. If you know of similar awards for organizations outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, please let us know by commenting below. Looking…

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Earth Class Mail: An Eco Way to Manage Mail

Ron Wiener is acutely aware of the challenges of receiving and responding to mail while on the go. A serial entrepreneur, Weiner often finds himself out of the office managing his growing business, Earth Class Mail. Billed as, “The Ultimate P.O. Box”, Earth Class Mail delivers your mail online 24/7 wherever you are. Tired of opening up junk mail? Earth Class Mail will receive your mail for you, scan the envelopes and send them to you online. You decide which…

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What to Do with Your Old Electronic Devices: Get Paid, Help Those in Need!

Question: How many electronic devices do you have around the house that you don’t use anymore? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Yes, probably more then you can count. Or remember. What do you plan to do with them? Keep it in “that” drawer? Put them in the basement? Good for you, at least it’s not going in the trash, where nearly 3 million tons of gadgets ended up in 2003, the most recent year the EPA has statistics for. You may…

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Organic Lotions Go Glam & Luxurious

It goes without saying that green is big these days. Within walking distance of my home there are three “eco-friendly” clothing boutiques, a “green home” shop and a billboard advertising green home cleaners. All have gone up in the last year. Ecopreneurists are birthing all sorts of green businesses, which is great to see. As happy as I am to see all of these green youngsters on the block, it does my heart a lot of good to see green…

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Green and China–Who would know that’s a good business opportunity?

Here’s a creative business idea: pair U.S. and British television producers and an environmentalist with a Chinese documentarian and environmental activists and government official to come up with a television series for the Chinese market funded by U.S. investors. U.S. production company, Landreth Associates, is working with the Chinese CCTV Economic Movie and Television Center and The International Cultural Exchange Audiovisual Publishing House (an agency of the Chinese Ministry of Culture), on what is to be a weekly documentary television…

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When is a Crummy Cookie a Good Thing?

What do you do when you’re a cookie fan, one of a specific breed that likes crispy cookies, and you’d like them to be organic, and just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Start your own company of course. It helps if you’re named Crummy, and you have two brothers, ideal for creating a “Pep Boys” like logo for said cookies. I recently had a chance to speak with Jason Wachob, the CEO of Crummy Brothers cookies, on…

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Less is More: A Truly Green Good is Packaged Green

We all know that good things come in small packages, but small packages are good in their own right. Less filler, fewer layers of packaging for each product, smaller packages to increase the amount of any product can be shipped on one truck or ship are conservation best-practices. But we consumers are used to slick packaging and cool bags, boxes and wrappers. Designers are now challenged to come up with high-concept packaging that doesn’t waste resources. It’s like Project Runway…

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