Using The Web to Build Your Green Business.

Benjamin Brown, the CEO of Web start-up feels that tapping social networking on the Web is the best way to build a business with an environmental slant. I’d have to say that we at Ecopreneurist agree. While most businesses focus on attracting mainstream media visibility, as we said here, often the best way for eco-entrepreneurs to grow their businesses is to build grassroots support. In the world of Web 2.0, that means going online. At my first college entrepreneurial…

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Virtualization: A Boon for Green Computing

At the end of the 1970s, the world saw a computer revolution, and waves of new business development followed. By the early 1990s, there were signs of a green computing revolution, and now businesses are taking advantage of the industry’s need for environmentally-friendly products. Data centers, in particular, have become a target market, since the past few years have seen a sharp increase in their rate of energy consumption. One of the more successful technologies to have been developed is…

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Ecotourism: The Business of Sustaining the Earth through Travel

After the mighty industrial military complex (the companies behind the missiles and the satellites to guide them), tourism is the world’s largest industry, according to the World Tourism Organization. While tourism is big business, much of the industry can be just as destructive as the other extractive industries (mining, lumber, agriculture), sometimes operating in the same places around the world, places like the spectacular Alaskan Wilderness or rainforests of Indonesia. Oceans containing fish or oil hidden deep below the surface…

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Greening How You Do Take Out: What Works (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our restaurant greening guide. If you recall from last week, I wrote about Ike’s Quarter Cafe, a restaurant that has found a great balance of quality food, sustainability in their facilities, and a wonderful experience. For those of you considering greening your restaurant, or just in search of ways to make eating a less impactful experience, this week we focus on that which goes around the food. As in the utensils, cups, bowls, plates, and…

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Sustainable Shopping in Portland, Part 2

Although Portland-based Sameunderneath is a sustainable clothing line, the Company has a broader social-enterprise mission beyond a concern for the environment. On the website, founder Ryan Christensen says, “Sameunderneath’s mission is to change the way people look at each other.” Over eight years ago, he started the Company by selling t-shirts, and now sells a sophisticated clothing line in Sameunderneath’s own stores as well as many other retail outlets. You can see from several years’ of press coverage, that Sameunderneath…

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How to Green a Restaurant, Part 1: Ike’s Quarter

Are you considering being a green restaurant? Consider the example of Ike’s Quarter Cafe, a New Orleans style restaurant in the gold rush era town of Nevada City, California. When I mentioned to my hair stylist yesterday that I would be writing about it, she said, “Oh really? I had no idea they were a green restaurant. I just thought they had good food.” Exactly. I think Ike would be pleased. As he said when I spoke to him, “Everybody…

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How to Start a Green Business without Raising Money

When I had the chance to interview Beth Gerstein, co-founder of Brilliant Earth, I first wanted to ask her how they raised the money to start the company. I figured that retailing gold, platinum and diamond jewelry had to be a capital-intensive business and thought Beth could shed light on how a green entrepreneur can convince investors that there is a large market for products that are sustainably produced. However, I got a very different story. Brilliant Earth has been…

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PR Tips For Green Entrepreneurs

There have been several articles on Public Relations blogs recently about the difficulty of promoting green businesses. In our current climate, thousands of organizations, big and small are trying to go, or appear to go green. Hundreds of websites are devoted to the eco movement; the mainstream media loves a green product story…and they have many from which to choose. P.R. professionals bemoan this situation. The point is actually how difficult it has been doing PR, specifically media relations, within…

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Don’t Forget to Turn Off the Servers

After looking at data center power consumption figures for my Green Building Elements post, as well as at the US EPA’s Report to Congress calling for improvements in this area, I have noticed a host of new products coming to market that address the issue. Changes occur so rapidly in the world of technology that new problems — and new solutions — crop up every day. One of the most glaring problems for data centers right now is that their…

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