Eco-Angels: Venture Capital For Socially Responsible Eco-Businesses

When I met Priya Haji, co-founder of World of Good, at the recent Natural Products Expo in Southern California, her business was growing rapidly, helped in no small part by funding by social lenders.Bubbly and determined, she knows first hand the challenges socially responsible business face attracting capital. “There’s a consumer-driven demand for this kind of ethical consumption, but the debt markets don’t understand that,” (She says). Making the rounds of traditional venture capital firms can be excruciating for eco-entrepreneurs.…

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Eco-Entrepreneurs Are Talking About: Greening Your Office

This post is the first in a series of roundups I’ll be doing featuring articles from our community journals and forums. To create your own journal click on the “Get a Journal Now” button at Green Options. com. To contribute to our forums, click on the “community” tab on the top right side of the Green Options home page. Come join the discussion! All entrepreneurs are interested in saving money and operating efficiently. Eco-entrepreneurs also want to do so in…

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The 4 Green Fashion Consumers – Which One For You?

Green apparel, previously the purview of high end shoppers and new mothers has entered the mainstream, driven by demand by eco conscience young consumers. Though the fashion industry thrives on planned obsolesce, younger women, in particular, are finding ways to find a middle ground between consumerism and green living. “Gen Y and the Millennials are really driving this trend,” says Barbie M. Casasus, senior director and consumer strategist at Iconoculture, based in Minneapolis, adding that 20- to-28-year-olds represent about $520…

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Don’t Commute, Don’t Pollute

They say that location is everything. Where your business is located can certainly have a big impact on your operations and your bottom line. It can also have a big impact on the planet. Many small businesses are born in the most humble of beginnings: a small corner of a bedroom, the kitchen table of an apartment, maybe even a closet. Most expand to off-site offices as they grow, leaving behind the convenience of working from home for the increased…

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How To Make Junk Mail Go Away – Free

Junk Mail. Two words, a lot of impact. 100 million trees worth annually in the US, along with the resources used to print them, plus the resulting additional emissions generated carrying them around to their final destination, your mailbox. What to do, aside from recycle? The first option that may come to mind is the well advertised Green Dimes service. It does indeed seem to do a great job at reducing mailings, up to 90% in three months, and they…

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Win $100,000 for Your Green Business

Green entrepreneur, Eric Hudson, brought home the grand prize in last year’s Forbes Magazine, Boost Your Business contest. His company, Recycline, Inc. makes environment-friendly toothbrushes, razors and tableware sold under the Preserve brand. On 12/12, Recycline’s founder and president, Eric Hudson, went to New York City to accept the $100,000 prize from and Hewlett-Packard. While it was many months of pulling out all the stops, the contest was quite enjoyable for us, largely because so many folks rallied for…

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2007 European Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rise 1.1%, Carbon Futures Jump 3.9%

The European Union’s heavy industry carbon dioxide emissions during 2007 reached around 1.914 billion metric tons according to data released Wednesday. The numbers were 93% complete, because some of the 10,500 companies registered on the Europe’s carbon trading platform had failed to meet the March 31 submission deadline. Prices on the secondary carbon market rallied on the news Wednesday. The price of benchmark European Union Allowances (EUAs) futures increased 88 cents, a 3.9% rise. The numbers are important for traders…

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10 Eco Friendly Businesses For Service Industry Entrepreneurs

Sometimes forgotten by entrepreneurs hoping to open a green business is the burgeoning personal service industry. As more and more consumers express concern about environmental toxins, opportunities increase for entrepreneurs interested in providing greener, safer alternatives for some common household tasks. Ranging from low initial investment services like housecleaning to highly regulated child care more and more consumers are seeking eco-friendly alternatives. Regulators, especially in green states like California, are aiding this trend, by introducing legislation that prohibits the use…

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Benchmark 2007 EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data Set To Rock The Carbon Market

All participants to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme ought to have submitted crucial data on their 2007 greenhouse gas emissions levels by 31 March. The greenhouse gas data would be sourced by around 10,500 companies involved in carbon trading and is an important factor influencing the market price of traded carbon. But many of the parties failed to meet the deadline, which is why the EU authorities in charge of the information said they will release the data to the…

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