Eco-Libris: An Interview with Jill Bamburg, Author of “Getting to Scale”

Editor’s note: This week’s post from our friends at Eco-Libris seemed much appropriate for Ecopreneurist: an interview with author Jill Bamburg about her book Getting to Scale: Growing Your Business without Selling Out. While the book is two years old, Jill’s ideas about how mission-driven businesses can grow and thrive are still very timely. This post was originally published on Wednesday, April 23, 2008. Getting to Scale is the second book so far that Swedish publisher Bookhouse Publishing translated and…

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Want An Eco Trademark? Stand in Line

According to the report, Trends in Trademarks, applications for patents on trademarks, logos and taglines reached an all time high in 2007. And chief among the requests…those related to green business. New filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2007 topped 300,00 beating the previous record of 289000 in 2000, driven in part by new marks for eco-friendly products. The word GREEN was the most popular vehicle for communicating environmental friendliness. Applications more than doubled in 2007, increasing…

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The Green Business Soapbox

I have strong opinions, and I rarely suppress them (just ask my husband). During political campaigns, I show support for my candidates with buttons and yard signs. I have plastered my car with progressive bumper stickers. Before I have even started sipping wine at parties, I am already loudly proclaiming the beliefs I hold on important current issues. Lately, I have been taking my strongly-held opinions to the next step: I am becoming a green business proselytizer. Like a lot…

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Towards a Paperless Office

The paperless office idea emerged along with the personal computer, its premise being that someday in the future, we will no longer need to use paper because everything will be in a digital format. While the truly paperless office may still be a myth and a seemingly impossible goal, it is still something we can move towards in our business operations. Paper and paperboard products constitute the largest portion of our waste stream, so reducing our paper use and recycling…

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A Powerful Way To Help Your Fellow Entrepreneur On The Other Side Of The Planet

By now you’ve likely heard of microfinance, and the idea behind it — lending a small amount of money to support a person in the developing world create or enhance a business, and they pay back the money on very palatable terms. A small amount goes a long way, coupled with the ingenuity born of necessity. Sound familiar, entrepreneurs? It sounds like a fine idea, but you haven’t gone there yet. What’s stopping you? Perhaps it still somehow sounds like…

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Diversification and Filling Ecological Niches: Green Businesses Own a Portfolio of Enterprises

The more income-producing and complementary projects my wife and I have in our ecopreneurial business, the more stable and secure we feel, careful to not let work override quality of life considerations. After all, we, like many ecopreneurs we’ve interviewed or met, don’t live to work. Instead, we find our livelihood and the businesses we navigate deeply satisfying as we make the world a better place through the green businesses — for profit and non-profit alike — that we own…

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Survey Says: Consumers Will Pay More For Green Products

SCA poll by Harris Interactive, conducted in the beginning of April, found that consumers were definitely willing to pay more for green products…up to almost 20% more. Good news for green businesses. But, take a little closer look at the findings.

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Is Anybody Watching? The Green Gap Survey Reveals Consumers Want Regulation of Environmental Claims

Some scary truths about consumers’ assumptions could lead to a “green” backlash concludes The Green Gap Survey, released this week by Cone LLC and The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. We in the business of making environmentally friendly and natural product know that little regulation exists around the terms, “green,” “environmentally friendly,” and “natural.” But, consumers don’t and are, perhaps naively, trusting. 47 percent trust companies to tell them the truth in environmental messaging 45 percent believe companies are…

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Recession Proof Your Green Business

There’s been a lot of talk recently, as the country slides into recession, about the impact this will have on innovation. Will companies pull back from risky projects? Or will they re-jigger their efforts to support products that thrive in a recession…new or not. Suddenly, innovation has a bull’s-eye on its back. As the recession debate shifts from “what if” to “how long,” claims a recent article in Business Week on the world’s most innovative companies. Green entrepreneurs have no…

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