7 Bizarre Sources of Alternative Energy [Infographic]

7 sources of energy


Today, the world faces a serious mismatch in global energy supply and demand. Industrial progression and a growing population mean that we need more energy from depleting resources.

At the same time, we also want cheaper energy prices from greener sources in order reduce our carbon footprint. With pollution and global warming at an all-time high, it may seem like an impossible situation with no plausible solution.

Fortunately, this is where Alternative Energy comes in. These sources of energy can produce gas, electricity, and fuel in the same way that natural gas and fossil fuels do, minus the negative externalities.

Research has found some truly bizarre sources for alternative energy such as animal excrement, jellyfish, and even body heat. But as strange as they sound, these sources could be society’s answer to the current energy crisis.

In fact, our society isn’t as far away from these alternative energy sources as you may think. Major cities have already begun implementing greener solutions as replacements for traditional energy sources that negatively impact the environment.

For example, Stockholm uses the body heat from 250,000 commuters in their railway station to warm the water in underground tanks which heats up an entire office block.

Even in farming, there are instances where cow manure is used to produce electricity, fertilizer, and fuel.

Essentially, it’s no secret that we have an infinitely growing demand for energy that faces a finite supply. However, hope is not lost. Research and technological development has given us some great alternative sources of energy that have little to no negative effects on the environment, while remaining low-cost.

It is safe to say that there are a lot of other alternative (and possibly even more bizarre) sources yet to be discovered, and soon more people will be able to make the switch to greener energy.

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