Green Franchises

While there are a million business ideas out there that can help make money while making the world a better place, not every potential entrepreneur wants to create a business from scratch. For those changemakers who want to follow a mold rather than break one, green franchises that offer a sustainable solution to one of society’s problems while also making a decent living for the entrepreneur might just be the ticket to success.

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The good news is that today, there are a plethora of green franchise opportunities that an aspiring social entrepreneur can explore in every industry from clean tech to home services to sustainable food and alternative transportation. Here, we try to provide a list of several great opportunities.

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Featured Sustainable Franchise Opportunities

Turfscape: synthetic turf for a greener home

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Turfscape offers a green franchise opportunity to help reduce the need for chemical- and water-intensive conventional lawns. With Turfscape, one doesn’t have to give up on the lush, green aesthetic appeal of ordinary grass; it never needs to be cut or watered and remains green and beautiful regardless of weather.

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Pono Home: green home energy / water efficiency service franchise
Pono Home is a green home consulting service that focuses on making peoples’ homes more…pono! Pono is a Hawaiian word that means, essentially, being right with the world. Become a Pono Home franchisee, work with your hands, and start working to drive down peoples’ utility bills (and environmental footprints) right away! In addition, you can help people eliminate GMOs from their kitchens and carcinogenic ingredients from their personal care products with Pono Home’s training and support.

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Eco-friendly lawn care franchise: Clean Air Lawn Care
Clean Air Lawn care offers clean and quiet lawn maintenance and uses organic lawn treatment for beautiful lawns that are safe for children, pets, and local waterways. A national franchise, Clean Air Lawn Care is the leader in sustainable lawn care, committed to bring positive change to the lawn care industry.

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