Shave Energy Bills By As Much As 54%? Green Communities Could!

A recent study in the UK revealed that energy generated by communities can produce about 13% of all Britain’s household power needs.  With the right policies in place this potential could rise to 54%, according to the report. Similar studies in the US indicate this kind of potential’s there in the US as well. A US example of how businesses are responding to the new realities is the Southeastern Texas company GreenPointe Holdings LLC. The company was launched a few…

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The Changed Face of Marketing

In 1953, almost 60 years ago, in his American Marketing Association presidential address, Professor Neil Borden of Harvard Business School, introduced the term “marketing mix” and in 1960 E. Jerome McCarthy supplemented that concept with the 4 P’s of Marketing. Ever since then, every student of marketing has learned the 4 P’s of marketing; Product, Pricing, Promotion, Placement. In recent years, and not for the first time, these once-seen as fundamental concepts are coming under scrutiny in the wake of…

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Naturally Successful: Entrepreneurship that Redefines the Bottom Line – DVD Review

“We need solutions at the speed of business,” says Hunter Lovins, author, speaker and founder of Natural Capital Solutions in the Naturally Successful DVD, produced by Arnold Creek Productions, Inc., known for its award-winning videos on sustainability used by organizations around the world. Naturally Successful is an expertly assembled compilation of inspiring interviews of the leading visionaries giving a voice to the emerging green ECOnomy and the businesses that are in the business of remaking the world for the better.…

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Triple Bottom Line: Profits with a Purpose to Make the World a Better Place

As explored in my previous posts related to the triple bottom line for green enterprises, these business ecopreneurs seek to consider all stakeholders of their enterprise (not just the shareholders or owners’ financial interests), how the business transforms or is transformed by the environment, and finally, profits, the heralded benchmark for allowing one to define their business as a business, not a hobby. Millions of American workers — steady-eddy 9-to-5-ers (or sunrise to sunset go-getters) — are observing how the…

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CSR – HR = PR (Corporate Social Responsibility – Human Resources = Public Relations) I came across this “equation” yesterday while researching best green HR practices. It is a quote by Adine Mees and Jamie Bunham of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility from DRIVING SUCCESS: Human resources and sustainable development. They then followed with this: If employees are not engaged, Corporate Social Responsibility becomes an exercise in public relations. The credibility of an organization will become damaged when it becomes…

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Under 25? Got A Green Project? Check Out These Grants.

If you’re under 25 and need some cash to get your green project to the next level check out the grant offerings at Do Something. They have three grant programs: Green Grants James Patteron’s Maximum Ride Boys are sponsoring 10 $500 grants to support green projects. The grants are for “anyone with a great idea or existing project focused on issues affecting the environment.” Deadline: September 30, 2008 Check out this PSA, outtakes and all, about the Green Grants: [youtube=]…

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