Cracking The Green Code

EcoAlign, the group that brought you the research that found that consumers pay attention to the ENERGY STAR label, just released their third report of the Project Energy Code series, Cracking the Green Code. This report, like other EcoAlign research is a provocative and thought-provoking exploration of the “causes and consequences of effective communications in the energy and environmental space.” The report starts by saying that marketers “are cracking their proverbial heads open trying to figure out new ways to make green behaviors…

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Thinking of Starting a Small Green Business? Start by Interning for One.

There can be no greater thrill in the world than watching your hard work pay off in the form of a successful green business venture.  But how to learn about the world of running a small green business before simply launching in?  Try doing a green internship.  The connections will be tremendous, the learning opportunities varied and interesting, and the work gratifying. Companies looking for highly skilled, motivated and energetic interns may find volunteers coming out of the woodwork if…

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Junxion Strategy: Green marketing grows up

By Contributing Writer Melissa Chungfat | Part of Green Printer’s ‘Design Goes Green’ dispatch. Thanks to blogs, websites, Facebook, and the ever-growing list of social media tools, people have the ability and power to educate themselves about anything they please. It is harder for companies to get away with lies about their products and misleading messages. People can easily look up “greenwashing” or “what is an organic product?” in a search engine and in a matter of seconds, they have…

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A.T. Kearney: Companies that ‘leaned’ toward green in 2008 performed better financially

By Contributing Writer Melissa Chungfat. Design Goes Green – The first of a series of articles by Green Printer on the cross-section between the environment, business and the creative communications industry. Every day we hear about companies going under and pub meals having more value than bank stocks. At at time when profits are low across the nation, some company executives think that now is not the time to implement environmental initiatives. So why did companies committed to sustainability in…

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Is There Stimulus Money For You?

If you have been asking yourself this question, you are not alone. I’ve been fielding calls for two weeks from clients, friends, you name it. In my quest to come up with answers I cam upon the blog of Chad Moutray, the Chief Economist and Director of Economic Research for the Office of Advocacy at the Small Business Administration. He posted about small business and the stimulus and provided a run-down of what’s in the stimulus package for small businesses:…

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4 Essential Posts On Small Business Financing

Yesterday I received another email from small businesses asking for advice on where to get financing so I put together this list.  Three out of the four the resources are recycled posts.  I simply gathered them in one place: How To Finance A Green Business by Leah Edwards is an excellent post that covers four potential sources of cash for green businesses: SBA loans, social-venture venture capital funds, Friends-and-Family financing and partnering with a nonprofit organization. Recently, Leah also…

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Webconferencing: A Green Recession Tactic

For most small businesses implementing web conferencing reduces carbon emissions, lowers expenses and improves productivity. In fact, if every small business owner in the United States conducted one teleconference in lieu of a domestic business trip, it would save $25.4 billion dollars in travel expenses and 10.5 million tons of C02.

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Financing for Energy Efficiency Improvements

In December, I wrote that energy efficiency is the business opportunity for 2009. However, we all know that businesses and consumers can’t buy many of the energy efficiency products and services without financing. So, where’s the money? Government Help? If you are a small business or want to sell energy efficiency products to a small business, you might think that a logical place to start is the US Small Business Association. However, I don’t think that the SBA has any…

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Another Resource to Help Aspiring Ecopreneurs

In addition to Paul’s posting on Startingupgreen, another very similar service exists at, a helpful site for those looking to start a green company or learn about ecopreneurship.  I started the Ecopreneur’s Guide (also on Facebook by the same name, please become a fan if you’d like!) shortly after writing Build a Green Small Business:  Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur.  My previous experience was as publisher and ecopreneur of a regional green business directory called the ReDirect Guide,…

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