Carbon Market and Atmospheric CO2 Capture Technology Could Reduce Global CO2

The author of the carbon market concept found in the UN Kyoto Protocol, Graciela Chichilnisky, who is currently the Professor of Economics and Statistics at Columbia, has another ace up her climate change sleeve, and this one isn’t nearly as nebulous as the idea of buying and selling carbon credits, but could play an important role in a carbon market. Global Thermostat, where Chichilnisky is CEO and co-founder, has what they believe to be a commercially viable atmospheric CO2 capture…

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World’s First 3D Printed Item Made from Recycled Plastic from the Ocean

When you can combine two disparate things, such as a technology like 3D printing, with a waste product, such as plastic found in the ocean, and create something entirely new with them, it has the potential to make a real difference in the world. And that’s what The Plastic Bank is doing with their “Social Plastic” initiative. In what’s considered to be a world’s first for both 3D printing and for recycled plastic from the ocean, The Plastic Bank has…

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Google Glass Apps Enable Electric Vehicle Drivers to Find Charging Stations

When the very first Google Glass units began appearing ‘in the wild’, people either loved the idea or they hated it, but now that the devices are becoming more widely available, app developers and businesses that are a bit more forward-thinking are starting to see how they can add to the wearable computing ecosystem in a way that furthers their company’s goals. One example of this is the release of Google Glass apps for EVs, which will allow the drivers…

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This App Puts 12,000 Wind Farms at Your Fingertips

For the wind-curious and the renewable energy enthusiast, a new app puts over 12,000 wind farms at your fingertips, displaying specs, stats, and even pictures of the wind turbines. Wind farms, as an effective source for clean renewable power, are a key component in the move toward a more sustainable energy infrastructure, and can be a very visible example of the new energy paradigm. Whether you’re a wind power consumer, a wind developer, an energy policy wonk, or just enjoy…

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How 3D Printing is Shaping the Future of Business (Infographic)

3D printing was once solely the realm of prototypers and custom fabricators, but that is rapidly changing, due to the virtual explosion of affordable 3D printers on the market, and the adoption of easier-to-use software that controls the devices. This 3D printing revolution is changing the future of business, as even small companies and startups are embracing this technology as an effective method of producing custom and one-of-a-kind items quickly and affordably, as a way of creating prototypes without outsourcing…

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New System Turns Cow Manure into Clean Water

By combining an anaerobic digester with a filtration and reverse osmosis system, an idea that began to be developed at Michigan State University (MSU) matured into a system that can turn cow manure into clean water, while also capturing essential nutrients that can be reused as fertilizer. One big environmental issue with animal production, such as dairy or beef operations, is dealing with the huge amounts of manure that are produced every day, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of…

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Starting a Bicycle Business? Here’s Your Global Heatmap and Dataset

Our connected world is providing more than just apps, gadgets, and services. It’s also supplying huge amounts of data, along with the ability to map it in just about any form. And this data can be used as a component of building a healthy business, such as determining the demand for any given product or service, by providing marketing intelligence and demographic information about not just who the target audience is, but also where they are. Personal fitness devices and…

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6 Futuristic Building Materials to Watch

While some entrepreneurs and startups are pursuing lower-tech solutions for better and more sustainable building materials, such as mushrooms or hempcrete, many others are focusing on the cutting edge of materials science, and their developments are hoped to usher in a brave new world of high-tech construction and fabrication components. Ranging from the macro of self-healing concrete to the micro of graphene, here are 6 futuristic building materials to watch: [repostus]6 Building Materials of the Future (via Green Building Elements)…

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Cellulose Nano-Fiber from Carrots is Twice as Strong as Carbon Fiber

Move over carbon fiber, there’s a new eco-friendly material that’s lighter and twice as strong, and is derived from agricultural and food processing waste. A Scottish sustainable materials company is on the verge of launching a revolution in renewable and eco-friendly nano-fibers, which could be the future of high performance coatings, composites, and threads. CelluComp’s proprietary process can separate cellulose from root vegetables such as carrots and sugar beets without the need for any strong chemical agents, and the resulting…

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