Tackling the Global E-Waste Problem (Infographic)

Originally published on CustomMade. Last year, the world produced nearly 54 million tons of electrical and electronic products, but only a fraction of it was reused, refurbished, or recycled. With a relatively short lifecycle, e-waste now litters dumpsites all over the world, exposing humans and the environment to toxic materials. Some eco-conscious offices use industrial desks made mostly from recycled materials, while a number of homeowners have turned to reclaimed barnwood to create sustainable desks and entertainment centers. However, despite…

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Generation Z Will Influence Your Business in 2015, Says Ford Trend Report

Generation Z, defined loosely as those born after 1993, will probably influence how your business is run in the coming years, if it hasn’t already, according to the latest Ford Trend Report. Whether you’re planning for the future of your business, planning to start up a business, or just looking to expand your reach in the coming year, it can be very helpful to study up on both the emerging trends in your industry, as well as the trends shaping…

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Levi's Field of Jeans

Consumer Education is Key Factor in Sustainability Success

More and more, big companies have a growing responsibility, not just to help their bottom line, but to promote significant positive behaviors that contribute to a healthier world. That often means going above and beyond company-wide sustainable initiatives—it means committing to consumer education programs and encouraging audiences to be a part of the responsibility we all bear for protecting the environment. As Vice President of Sustainability at Levi Strauss & Co., it’s my job to make sure our company acts…

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Sustainable Jewelry from Upcycled Weapons of Conflict from the Most Bombed Country on Earth

The country of Cambodia has the dubious distinction of being the most bombed country in the history of mankind, and more bombs (by weight) were dropped on Cambodia between 1965-1973 than were dropped by allies on all countries during WWII. Some 30% of those bombs failed to detonate on impact, so these weapons of destruction continue to kill and maim, long after the conflict has ended. This unexploded ordnance (UXO) has contributed greatly to the fact that Cambodia is now…

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Slow Flowers

Shorten Your Flower Miles with Slow Flowers

There are a number of ways we can cut down on our environmental footprint, ranging from using alternative transportation to watching our water use to eating locally to avoiding excess packaging to shopping locally and more. Many of those methods also help to boost local economies, while cutting down the amount of transportation-related money and energy (and pollution), and while we may already be familiar with the slow food and local food movements, there’s a new-ish kid on the block…

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Yoobi: The School Supplies with a Charitable Mission

A lot of shopping that we do is all about me. Or about you, if you prefer. We shop for the products that we want, solely for the purpose of meeting our own needs, with little thought given to the companies behind the products, the resources necessary to produce those products, or to those other people who regularly do without the things we take for granted. Such as basic school supplies for our kids. Having the basic supplies for school,…

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Free App Exposes Campaign Spending From Companies Behind the Products

Would it sway your purchasing decisions if you knew that the companies behind the products you normally buy are contributing large amounts of money to candidates or parties that you’re personally opposed to? Would you like to put your money where your beliefs are, by only buying those brands that support the same values and issues that you do? Thanks to the free BuyPartisan app, conscientious consumers can scan the barcode of a product they’re considering buying and get access…

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prAna sustainability

Sustainability Stories: prAna’s Journey to Fair Trade Certified Apparel

One of the hallmarks of a responsible business is their willingness to go the extra mile to make sure there’s more than a single bottom line. By taking care of the people involved in the supply chain of the business, and contributing to planet-positive solutions in their industry and location, companies can design sustainability into their operations, instead of simply trying to mitigate any negative effects after the fact. For responsible clothing companies, it’s not enough to simply focus on…

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More Efficient Clothes Dryers Could Save $4 Billion in Energy Each Year

One incredibly common household appliance, the electric clothes dryer, is responsible for a whopping 2% of electricity consumption in the US, often consuming as much as the refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher combined. And while many other appliances have received much more attention, and therefore benefited from advanced energy efficiency technologies, electric clothes dryers have lagged far behind in the United States, especially when compared to more efficient versions sold overseas. A recent report from NRDC found that when compared…

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