Each of These Ethical Wedding Rings Gives 2 People Clean Water for Life

Jewelry meant to celebrate one of the most joyous moments in a couple’s life shouldn’t be contributing to global conflicts and environmental destruction, but all too often, wedding rings can have a shady history full of dirty mining practices and blood diamonds. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, as this wedding ring company, which is committed to social change and a high standard of ethics, aims to help those tying the knot to choose an ethical wedding ring…

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Sustainable Jewelry from Upcycled Weapons of Conflict from the Most Bombed Country on Earth

The country of Cambodia has the dubious distinction of being the most bombed country in the history of mankind, and more bombs (by weight) were dropped on Cambodia between 1965-1973 than were dropped by allies on all countries during WWII. Some 30% of those bombs failed to detonate on impact, so these weapons of destruction continue to kill and maim, long after the conflict has ended. This unexploded ordnance (UXO) has contributed greatly to the fact that Cambodia is now…

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prAna sustainability

Sustainability Stories: prAna’s Journey to Fair Trade Certified Apparel

One of the hallmarks of a responsible business is their willingness to go the extra mile to make sure there’s more than a single bottom line. By taking care of the people involved in the supply chain of the business, and contributing to planet-positive solutions in their industry and location, companies can design sustainability into their operations, instead of simply trying to mitigate any negative effects after the fact. For responsible clothing companies, it’s not enough to simply focus on…

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Don’t Buy Your Next Suit, Rent It by the Month with This Suit Subscription Service

The stereotype of the entrepreneur or startup founder as someone who lives in jeans and flip-flops might be enticing to those who have to dress up all the time, but the truth of the matter is, if you show up to a dressy event clothed too casually, you might come across as someone who’s not worth listening to, so spending some money on a nice looking suit may be worth a lot more than the cost. Sooner or later, you’ll…

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Adbusters’ Fair Trade Shoes Feature Organic Hemp and Recycled Tire Soles

If you’re looking for a new pair of Earth-friendly, socially conscious, Fair Trade shoes, free from corporate logos and built to last, the Adbusters Blackspot Unswoosher might be the kicks for you. These fair trade shoes feature 100% organic hemp uppers, soles made from recycled tires, a logo made from recycled inner tubes, and include a red spot on the toe “for kicking corporate ass.” The Unswoosher, which were designed by independent footwear designer John Fluevog, are made in a…

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TerraCycle and Timbuktu Upcycle Vintage US Postal Service Bags into Messenger Bags

Vintage is in. Upcycled is in. Messenger bags are in. What happens when you combine all three? Timbuktu, in partnership with TerraCycle, has done so, and the resulting product is not only practical and beautiful, but it’s also highly practical. The company’s new bag design uses vintage US Postal Service mail bags, sourced by TerraCycle, for the raw material, which then get turned into a high quality messenger bag capable of hauling all of your work and play gear comfortably.…

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PUMA Re-Cut Project Upcycles Denim into New Shoes

A new line of shoes from PUMA is combining upcycling with social good, by turning leftover denim scraps into new shoes and giving 100% of the profits from the sales of those shoes to an orphanage in Vietnam. The PUMA Re-Cut project, which is part of the company’s Closing the Loop initiative, takes leftover denim from a nearby denim manufacturer (these denim scraps are used to test the shrinkage and color of the fabric), and uses it to sew uppers…

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Sustainable Clothing from Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

We love t-shirts. We get them free as swag at events, we buy them to support causes, and we get them as gifts. Even if you wear a button down shirt for work, chances are you’ve got a drawer full of them (I’ve got several), and most of them are not sustainable clothing by any stretch of the imagination. Conventional cotton is one of the fiber crops that takes the most off-farm inputs, from water to fertilizer to pesticides, and…

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