Flotation Centers: Water-Wasting Trend or Eco-Opportunity?

One can rarely predict the market. Whoever plays the entrepreneurs’ game is usually running a gamble and it’s at an expensive cost when you consider what’s at stake. Some of the biggest environmental tragedies of the last twenty years involve risky actions of oil companies that have caused irreparable damage to some of the areas that tourists once traveled hundreds of miles to see. What’s to be done when the almighty dollar controls so much of what we do? The…

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Green Business Idea: Composting Food Scraps & Yard Waste

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to organic waste such as food scraps and yard trimmings, at least if you are an enterprising composter. Taking a reliable waste stream, such as food waste from restaurants, grocery stores, and homes, and turning it into a valuable soil-building amendment is the basis of this green business idea, which Stephen Hanley, of our sister site Sustainablog gives us an introduction to:…

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Green Business Ideas: Bicycle Café Franchise

Some of the ‘brick and mortar’ green business ideas we’ve covered before can also easily be scaled down and modified into a mobile business, especially in those markets where there’s already a proven demand, as well as plenty of room for a unique small business to differentiate itself. It can be a huge advantage to have the ability to pedal your business around to the customers (or to a busy location), and to be self-contained, and the low overhead of…

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Green Business Ideas: Electric Bike Shop

If you’d like to get a piece of the clean transportation action with your green business, one of the exciting new markets is electric bikes, or ebikes, which are getting lighter and more efficient, with longer ranges, every day. Whether you start your own electric bike shop, add electric bicycles to an existing new or used bike shop, or start selling ebikes and accessories as an extension of an existing green business, the future is bright for those passionate about…

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Green Business Ideas: Eco Friendly Pool and Spa Cleaning and Maintenance

As the weather continues to warm, more homeowners and businesses are getting their pools and spas ready for heavy use, and it could be a great time to start a green business that addresses the needs of those pool owners. This green business idea capitalizes on the tendency for many pool and spa owners to outsource the maintenance of them to someone else, and the growing trend of seeking out greener and more eco-friendly maintenance methods. 1. What is an…

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Green Business Ideas: Outdoor Gear Consignment Shop

If you know your way around quality outdoor gear, and could spend the entire day surrounded by gear and sporting goods and outdoor equipment, then you might be interested in this green business idea. Starting an outdoor gear consignment shop can help to not only give gently-used equipment a second life (while reducing the demand for new gear), but to also enable those with a tighter budget to get into the gear they need to enjoy the outdoors. 1. What…

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