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Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies [Free Course]

There are plenty of compelling stories about successful entrepreneurs and startups from Silicon Valley, where access to capital, technology, and talent is much easier than in other areas, but as Michael Goldberg, an experienced venture capitalist and international business leader, teaches in his popular massive online open course (MOOC), it’s possible to build a culture of entrepreneurship in areas far beyond the Valley. “This is for entrepreneurs around the world and not a class about how you build a company…

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Guide to Investing Free From Rich Dad Until Father’s Day

Pick up a free copy of this investing guide, courtesy of the author, anytime up through Father’s Day (June 15th), and start learning how you can best put your money to work for you. Free Guide to Investing Available for Father’s Day (via The Inspired Economist) Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the well-known personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad, is giving away free downloads of his Guide to Investing through June 15th, in honor of Father’s Day. “Featuring real…

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Crowdfunding Platform Aims to Break Cycle of Poverty for Adolescent Girls

A new social enterprise is setting its sights on breaking the cycle of poverty for girls in the developing world, by giving them the opportunity to go to high school through the helping hand of crowdfunding. “Our aim is to combat one of the biggest poverty traps facing the developing world by creating opportunity for adolescent girls on a large scale It’s difficult for us to even imagine not being able to go to high school, but barriers to education…

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This Game Teaches an Important 21st Century Business Skill

In order to build a more sustainable economy, which includes the imperative to make a profit, it’s important to start our kids off on the right foot by teaching them some of the skills they’ll need to be able to be successful, whether they work for someone else or start their own business. According to The Real Education Gap, “The 2010 American Management Association (AMA) Critical Skills Survey showed that overwhelming majorities of executives had begun to emphasize a new…

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Gaming for Energy Efficiency: Dropoly

Could an online game help teach homeowners and renters alike how to make better energy decisions and make their living spaces more energy efficient? An interactive energy saving tool disguised as a game, Dropoly aims to help its players reduce their energy usage, thereby saving money and reducing their carbon footprint at the same time. This gamified energy audit could make it much simpler for people to get the information they need to make effective energy savings changes in their…

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New Business Venture After Career Loss: My Journey

By Amber Archangel What does one do when their career disappears? Maybe you or someone you know has experienced something similar. Returning to school may not be the first thing you think of — however, for me, it seemed like a great place to start. My previous college days took place before personal computers played the major role in business that they do today. So I had done a lot of on-the job training . The first semester back in school consisted…

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Social Good And Profitability Are Not Exclusive, They’re Very Compatible

In today’s world where everyone seems to be trying to make a buck, it can be hard to see the bigger picture and accomplish something for the greater good. Times are tough in this economy and if you can come out on top for your business and your own personal gain in any way, it can be seen as a win. In the same vein, in the last few years, something great has been happening in the world of business.…

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Unnayan Learning Hub: A Platform To Transform Girls

Innumerable hurdles exist for students enrolled in government-run schools looking for a meaningful education in New Delhi. In these schools, there is an acute dearth of teachers and, unfortunately, even those few who have the privilege of having a teacher present are not taught properly. In most of these communities, the prevalent gender discrimination results in neglect of girls’ education. Coming from illiterate and uneducated families, these girls do not have any platform of support to aid them in gaining…

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Panel Discussion: Compatibility Between Recycling and Waste-to-Energy, July 17

Recycling is a growing sector with an estimated potential for the creation of 1.5 million new jobs in the United States alone. The second panel discussion from Waste Wise explores how recycling potential can be increased, and the compatibility between recycling efforts and waste-to-energy programs. Waste-to-Energy addresses the need for society to address its energy demands and by turning waste that is land filled into fuel saves both space and creates a useful resource out of something that is usually thrown…

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