repurposing plastic

Repurposing Plastic: An Artistic Eco-Business

Repurposing plastic involves less manufacturing and more creativity than plastic recycling. In this third in a series, we describe repurposing plastic and its artistic potential.

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How to Green a Burrito or Fresh-Mex Restaurant: Top 10 Sustainable Strategies

Want to green your Fresh-Mex or burrito place?  There are some sustainable strategies unique to both restaurants in general and those which serve cuisine like burritos, tacos, and nachos.  Here are the top 10: Organi-fy your staples. Beans and rice are a staple on most Mexican/Fresh-Mex menus, and represent the grand majority of the calories you’ll be delivering. The great news is that this is an easy thing to get organic without breaking the bank. At our local food co-op,…

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solar power infinite light

Infinite Light Concept Combines Solar Power with Plastic Water Bottles

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, there are still large areas of the Earth without access to electricity, and many people living without even the most basic technology, such as a way to light up living and working areas. One solution, the solar bottle bulb, is designed to bring daylight into buildings by repurposing plastic water bottles, without the need for any power supply, but this next design, which also uses plastic water bottles, takes a…

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Call for Proposals for Visionary Social, Environmental, and Economic Solutions

Do you have an idea for a solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems? If so, you might consider submitting it to the 2014 Fuller Challenge, where it could be picked to win a grand prize of $100,000 to help support its development and implementation. Buckminster Fuller’s call for a design revolution “to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” is…

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This Startup is Crowdfunding a Smarter Portable Disaster Relief Shelter

When large numbers of people are displaced, either from a natural disaster, such as an extreme weather event, or through war and conflict, one of the key components of disaster relief is providing shelter for them, but most of the current options for disaster relief housing tend to be expensive and inefficient to deploy. So when a new kind of portable shelter is invented, one which is much cheaper, easier to transport, and quicker to set up, you’d think that…

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Design a Shade for Panasonic’s 100K Solar Lanterns Project

As part of Panasonic’s ongoing 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns project, which aims to distribute solar powered LED lanterns to off-grid communities, the company has launched a design contest that seeks to bring more awareness to the challenges and issues faced by many people around the world. For those of us in the hyper-connected and über-electrified developed world, it’s hard to imagine life without access to light or power, but there are over one billion people on the planet that still…

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Mobile Foundry Turns Aluminum Cans into Furniture

In some places, such as São Paulo, Brazil, a good portion of the recycling is done by independent waste collectors, or catadores (“pickers”), and a novel project aims to create a method for extending the livelihood of these waste pickers to go beyond just simply collecting trash and recyclables. The project, from Studio Swine, is called Can City, and centers around a mobile foundry that can smelt aluminum cans and turn them into furniture by burning reclaimed waste vegetable oil.…

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Rethinking the Velocipede with an Electric Drive and High-Tech Materials

As the first viable pedal-powered machine on two wheels, the velocipede, or “bone-shaker”, made waves in personal transportation by allowing people to get off their feet and off their horse, while still traveling efficiently. And although the early models were not very comfortable or efficient, they stood as a testament to innovation and creativity, even in the light of popular opinion of the devices as being dangerous to other travelers on the roads. Along with recent advances in materials and…

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Elaico Brings Intimate Touch to the Internet

In our über-connected world, visual and audio stimuli are easy to experience and share, most of the time with just the click of a button. However, there really isn’t a way to reach out and actually touch another person across the internet, and a solution to that could make a big difference in staying connected with our partner, even when we’re miles apart. But one company is developing a way for two people to intimately interact, regardless of where in…

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