New Crowdfunding Platform Advances Fast-Growing Ocean Energy Industry

Crowdfunding, as the darling of startups and new product launches across a wide range of industries, has been incredibly powerful for raising awareness and demand for all sorts of creative projects. Getting financial support for innovations in clean energy, however, might not be a great fit for many of the general crowdfunding platforms, where backers expect to be able to receive a tangible product if it succeeds. But there’s a new player on the field, and this latest platform is…

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Portable Solar Power Suitcase Reduces Maternal and Infant Mortality

Here in the developed world, we take modern healthcare and all of the technology that supports it for granted, including the most basic of services, such as power and light. But in the developing world, mothers and newborns can die during childbirth for lack of those simple services, even with the most skilled midwives or doctors attending them. In some areas, midwives have to resort to using candles, kerosene lanterns, or even the light from their cellphones, in order to…

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This Cryptocurrency is Backed by Solar Energy

Cryptocurrency, sometimes referred to as digital currency or alternative currency, has been making waves in the news lately, mostly due to the rapid rise in value of Bitcoin. But there are other cryptocurrencies out there that are less well-known, including one new digital currency that is backed by the generation of solar electricity. It seems appropriate that a new method of earning, spending, and trading value or assets, such as cryptocurrency enables, can be tied to a relatively new method…

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National Shout Out For Solar Energy Day #GoSolar

With the interest and demand for wider adoption of renewable energy, solar energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the US, generating an estimated 13 gigawatts (GW) of clean renewable electricity and effectively employing 120,000 workers. “This is a banner day for solar energy in America. Today’s events, including the launch of our America Supports Solar website, captures that excitement in a big way. In recent years, our industry has created tens of thousands of new American jobs,…

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This Portable Generator is Pedal-Powered

If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to own an electricity generating bicycle, well, guess what, now you can. Pedal Power — as the concept has been dubbed — will give consumers the means to create electricity using nothing but their own muscle…

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Impact Investing in Solar Power for Nonprofits’ Roofs

Originally published on Cost of Solar. How much will solar save you? Find out in about 60 seconds! There are now several options for homeowners and businesses that want to go solar — purchasing + tax credits/rebates, solar leasing, power purchase…

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Offshore Wind Power Offers Oceans of Opportunity

Wind power is now the cheapest option for new electricity in many if not most places. Onshore wind power has been the dominant form of wind power so far. It is currently much cheaper than offshore wind power. However, offshore wind power is just getting on its feet. Within a few years, it may become an even cheaper option. The winds are steadier and stronger over the sea and the ocean. Siemens is one of the companies leading the way…

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A Truly Affordable Solar Light Bulb

For the millions of people living in energy poverty around the world, lighting their homes or businesses after dark is a tricky proposition. Many times, the only way they can have access to light is through burning dirty fuels, such as kerosene, which is not only unhealthy when burned indoors, but can also be dangerous and expensive. “I’ve met people in Africa and Asia who walk for miles to spend a month’s income on kerosene fuel for light. Prices fluctuate…

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WWII Air Raid Shelter Converted into “Energy Bunker” in Hamburg

A bunker built in Hamburg, Germany, in 1943 as an air raid shelter, and then gutted four years later by a controlled demolition by the British Army, has been refitted as an “Energy Bunker” and a symbol for a cleaner and more renewable energy future. The original bunker has been serving as a war memorial for the last 60 years, with only its outer shell of 3 meter thick walls and high ceiling remaining. But the bunker’s rebirth as an…

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