Try the New, Green Web 3.0

With all the hype surrounding web 2.0, it seems odd that we are already talking about web 3.0, or what some are calling the semantic web. One of the key reasons driving the move towards a new web is the pending shortage of addresses. Both Google and Yahoo are moving towards the new semantic web, but today you can try it out on Truevert, the new Green Web Search Engine. So just what exactly is the future of the web?…

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Eco Zen Boutique – Where Going Green Is The Fashion

I often think about how ‘feel good’ a one-stop shop online would be if it could really answer my call for style. Just imagine… cosmetics, jewelery, clothing, all the things every girl looks for, under a single cyber roof. Folks I have good news: Eco Zen Boutique, a socially conscious, Arizona based green fashion boutique owned and operated by eco-preneur Tandy Stepp, has recently opened a new online store at

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Bringing Truly Green Office Supplies to the Masses

Think for a moment, if you wanted to make the maximum impact in greening one product area, what would it be? Cars may come to mind first, but that requires a significant commitment and investment by the buyer.  While it can and will make a positive impact, there’s an area that’s much more ubiquitous and may not even register on the radar for some – office supplies. Think about how much you use. Think about how much a company of…

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Social Media and Customer Service for Green Businesses

Last week I had the chance to hear Pete Blackshaw talk about his book “Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends. Angry Customers Tell 3,000”. His message is particularly important for eco-entrepreneurs, so I’m summarizing some of his talk for you green business entrepreneurs. Green businesses are particularly well-suited for consumer advocacy. Customers who shop from your company due to a shared concern for the environment and/or a desire to avoid toxins are likely to tell their friends about the benefits of…

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How to Make Green Fashion an Everyday Choice

What do you do if you’re a marine biologist with an entrepreneurial streak who wants to indulge it by opening a business, but you want it to be part of the solution, rather than adding to the problem? Open an online eco fashion site, of course. That’s what Adrian Desbarats, up in Prince Edward Island, on the far east edge of Canada, decided to do. Far from being yet another boutique green fashion site in an obscure location, Desbarats is…

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Creating a Web Site for Your Green Business

So you’re starting a green business. Congratulations! Now that you have a dream, a business name, and a plan, how do you go from the initial idea to making that first sale? If you’ve done your homework, you probably have a marketing plan for your business (it’s wise to make it part of your business plan). One of the most important pieces of your marketing plan should be your company web site. Your web site will be the first impression…

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Social Networking and Online Marketing for the Ecopreneur

I admit it, I am addicted to the internet. However, this addiction isn’t all bad –  my hard earned internet savvy has paid off time and time again in the form of referrals and new clients. Without even having to overtly advertise, I have gotten many inquiries about my services and quite a few good clients from my online activities. I’ve also made a lot of friends in my field and networked with other designers that I can bounce ideas…

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Find Funding, Make Green Business Connections, and Inspire other Ecopreneurs on

Both for profit and non-profit businesses are led by ecopreneurs who are making the world a better place through their creative, innovative and ground-breaking enterprises. Lisa’s and my book, ECOpreneuring, features numerous “Ecopreneur Profiles” — including David Anderson, the founder and CEO of — along with many other brief summaries. But there are millions of ecopreneurial enterprises prospering throughout the U.S. and around the world. Perhaps you’re one, too. So, we have formed a partnership with, an on-line…

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Benchmark 2007 EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data Set To Rock The Carbon Market

All participants to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme ought to have submitted crucial data on their 2007 greenhouse gas emissions levels by 31 March. The greenhouse gas data would be sourced by around 10,500 companies involved in carbon trading and is an important factor influencing the market price of traded carbon. But many of the parties failed to meet the deadline, which is why the EU authorities in charge of the information said they will release the data to the…

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