Ecopreneur Interview Series: Sustainable Life Solutions

Part 15 in a series where Krates Ng (co-founder of Mokugift the ecard service) interviews fellow ecopreneurs.  Today, Krates interviews Dianne Martz, co-founder of Sustainable Life Solutions.  Sustainable Life Solutions partners with electricity providers, and also market directly to consumers, to provide smart ideas and products to help people consume less energy and save money doing so. 1)     Why did you start your company? I began my own personal journey toward living more sustainably a few years ago; learning how,…

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How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media (Infographic)

As technology adoption among small businesses increases, social media is an area that more business owners are becoming interested in. In fact, social media is predicted to see one of the biggest increases in online marketing spending this year, just behind website and e-mail marketing. Alexis Lamster, VP of customers at Postling and creator of the below infographic, told us that the company analyzed nearly 20,000 Postling users to extract information on how small business are using social media. via…

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Ecopreneur Interview Series: PlentyWays

An interview about the challenges, lessons and successes that ecopreneurist Brendan Gill of, online retailers of products to green your lifestyle.

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Finding Like Minds 1: Open Doors For Green Business

Online, ecopreneurs should explore partnership models with low barriers. Lowering the barrier, increases the breadth of partnerships that can be experimented with. Relationship can be deepened and customized once traction is proven.

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Internet and E-Commerce Businesses Are A Long Way Off From Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

Are you like millions of others who assume that an online business, just by virtue of being online, translates to having a lower carbon footprint? If so, then you are in for a shock. Although this is a fairly common assumption, the truth is that internet powered businesses often have a higher energy consumption requirements than offline businesses and so might have a long way to go before they can become green.

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Financing for Energy Efficiency Improvements

In December, I wrote that energy efficiency is the business opportunity for 2009. However, we all know that businesses and consumers can’t buy many of the energy efficiency products and services without financing. So, where’s the money? Government Help? If you are a small business or want to sell energy efficiency products to a small business, you might think that a logical place to start is the US Small Business Association. However, I don’t think that the SBA has any…

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The Changed Face of Marketing

In 1953, almost 60 years ago, in his American Marketing Association presidential address, Professor Neil Borden of Harvard Business School, introduced the term “marketing mix” and in 1960 E. Jerome McCarthy supplemented that concept with the 4 P’s of Marketing. Ever since then, every student of marketing has learned the 4 P’s of marketing; Product, Pricing, Promotion, Placement. In recent years, and not for the first time, these once-seen as fundamental concepts are coming under scrutiny in the wake of…

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Sustainable Business Strategies in a Recession

Maybe the title should instead read “How to Fail at ‘Greening’ Your Business”. Often times companies seem to approach “green” or eco-friendly as just another product attribute that can simply be added to packaging or website to reach the “green” consumer segment. In the rush to be eco-friendly, and due to the typical structure of many organizations, the marketing team will take the lead of the greening effort and, in the interest of time & energy, they’ll create a brilliant…

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On Demand Warehousing: The Smart, Green Option in This Uncertain Economy

Ah, the internet, what an amazing tool you are for helping businesses grow. Or even exist. You allow so much more to happen for so many more people than in the past.  And yet, there’s only so much you can do online, if you deal in physical products. They need to be stored somewhere. Packed. Shipped. Returned. All necessary, and yet for most entrepreneurs, something they’d rather not deal with. You’ve come up with a product line that more and…

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