Why Coworking is a Key to Freelancer Success

Coworking might seem like a charming diversion from a ‘real office,’ but the studies keep showing the coworking has benefits for all workers, and is helping to reshape our business economy.

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This Nonprofit Provides Free Energy Audits for Small Businesses

One way for small businesses to green up their operations can be through choosing a renewable energy source, whether it’s a rooftop solar installation or the purchase of clean energy through their local utility. However, a much lower hanging fruit for small business sustainability initiatives, and one that can have a big positive effect on the bottom line as well, is reducing the energy demand of the business. Of course, improved energy efficiency doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as getting…

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Living in the Post-Wallet Economy: Cryptocurrency vs Mobile Payments

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are often made up of those striking out on their own to take up a new idea, improve on an existing one, or supply a need for a market. How customers pay for products and services is changing rapidly. Nowadays we don’t pay with cash, or even credit cards—we are starting to roll both into the smartphone. There are two methods to pay for products and services via smartphone: cryptocurrency and mobile payments, so a small…

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Green Business Ideas: Bicycle Café Franchise

Some of the ‘brick and mortar’ green business ideas we’ve covered before can also easily be scaled down and modified into a mobile business, especially in those markets where there’s already a proven demand, as well as plenty of room for a unique small business to differentiate itself. It can be a huge advantage to have the ability to pedal your business around to the customers (or to a busy location), and to be self-contained, and the low overhead of…

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Green Buildings Help Small Businesses Save Money

Investing a little more money upfront in your buildings and facilities in order to incorporate green building technologies and techniques can end up putting more money back in the small business owner’s pockets. Buildings that are energy and water efficient help to cut down the impacts on resources held in common (our air and water quality, for example) and reduce waste and pollution, both of which may also come with price to business owners, so green buildings can be a…

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WD My Cloud EX2 private cloud storage

Why Private Cloud Storage Makes Sense for Small Green Businesses: WD My Cloud EX2

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, most of your time is probably spent running or growing the business, and some things, especially if they aren’t immediately obvious or necessary, can easily fall through the cracks. That’s all well and good most of the time, except when it isn’t, in which case that small detail can then turn into a big ordeal. One such case in point is technology, and specifically data and file storage, because on the one hand,…

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