Three Ways to Lower Costs and Boost Profits by Going Greener

Every business wants to increase revenue and cut expenses. How about if you do both of those things, and help the planet at the same time? How? By going greener in your business. Yes, I know—you’ve heard for years: “I’d love to go green but it’s too expensive and difficult!” Maybe you’ve even said this. The good news is that’s nonsense. Done the right way, going greener can be easy, cheap, and profitable.

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How Saving Water Could Save Your Business

How saving water could save your business irrespective of the industry your business operates within, the potential for savings and improvement is always present. From saving water to reducing your carbon footprint, the modern age is dominated by a keen focus on environmental preservation and the monetary gain it can produce.

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iPhone App JouleBug Encourages Sustainable Behavior And Saves You Money

JouleBug is a new free iPhone app that helps you cut out energy waste and save more than $200 a year. JouleBug was designed to encourage sustainable living through gaming and social interaction making it fun and simple! It combines the best parts of mobile gaming, social media, and educational tools and “rolls them all into a giant burrito of wonderment and awesome that’s free to download from the App Store.”

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Making Winters Safer And Keeping The Environment Healthy

Eco-conscious small businesses can take precautions this winter to ensure staff and visitors to their premises stay safe, while having the peace of mind that their de-icing activities involving rock salt are not having a negative impact on the environment. Even better, eco-friendly practices can be readily adapted to be used in a domestic setting too, so ecopreneurs who work at home can get in on the act too. Sensible de-icing practices are important – and useful – because they balance…

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New Furnace & AC Efficiency Standards: What to Anticipate

There are two general methods by which governments can reduce greenhouse gas emissions: by putting a price on carbon (via a carbon tax or cap-and-trade), or by mandating higher efficiency standards. With cap-and-trade legislation deadlocked in Congress, the federal government has been moving to reduce personal GHG’s through higher efficiency standards.

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Helping the Environment With Business Upgrades

With the increased focus on climate change and other environmental problems, more and more people are interested in doing what they can to reduce their impacts on the environment. Companies are focusing on being as green as possible.

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